Temporarily at The Top

This article focuses on "Interim" CEO services. Most of C-Level Enterprises engagements are as a "consulting CEO". It is very important to differentiate between "interim" and "consulting" CEO positions.

A "Consulting" CEO is someone who provides smaller slices of time, generally NOT full-time, to advise, guide and mentor a company which either does not have an experienced CEO (i.e. a technical founder), or seeks more outside, seasoned CEO expertise to complement the current management team and provide unbiased guidance.

An "interim" CEO generally takes the role of an officer of the corporation and is most often a full-time position to fill a vacuum created by surprises or a sudden, unplanned change. They can often develop the vision and business plan for a company moving forward. This allows the best full-time CEO to be hired and allows lots of time for this process, which generally take six months or more.

Often times there are multiple ways a company can develop and an experienced outside CEO can independently evaluate more options for a board and shareholders. This would then define a certain type of permanent CEO that is needed. Without this time and process hiring a new CEO can be rushed, or even a total crapshoot, as a new CEO will most likely select a strategy based on their past experience, which may or may not be the best plan for stakeholders.

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