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  1. Get more mileage out of direct mail and integrate telephone marketing, fax blasts, inserts, ads, and the internet.

2. Create an irresistible offer . . . making it attractive for delegates to book, marketing after the sale, marketing with a memory, using the "rule of two" and reduce buyers regret.

3. Maximize timing . . . lead time, time of the year, time of the month, and double down day.

4. Utilize correct pricing strategies including discounts, team fees, how much to spend on promotion, psychological price barriers, and cost-based pricing.

5. Write titles . . . use the agenda, testimonials, bios, pledges and guarantee to boost attendance.

6. Select the best packaging . . . self-mailers, e-mail, envelopes, cover letters, web pages, fax pages.

7. Write to the best copy length, create a sense of urgency, personalize the promotions, and overcome the 9 most common objections to registering.

8. Select winning programs . . . get free speakers, capitalize on location, and increase profits on in-house programs.

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"By the morning tea break of the first day, I felt we were justified in the expense of sending me to Ralph's program as I had learned a massive amount of tips and ideas that were immediately useful to what we were doing. After morning tea, I was in the bonus. Dr. Elliott delivers tangible take-home value to you. Within minutes, you are armed with a phalanx of ideas that you want to rush back to the office with and implement immediately."  (San Francisco 04)


Adrian Smith,
Marketing Coordinator,
Centre for Continuing Education, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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Call Kay James at (864) 656-2200

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A Sample of Organizations Attending the Chicago, IL Workshop
  • American Press Institute
  • American Water Works Associatio n
  • Coastal Training Technologies Corp
  • DigitalHatch
  • Dr James M Bell Tra ining Institute
  • General Systems Consulting Group Inc
  • Georgia Tech/EDI
  • Illinois Association of Realtors
  • Lewis Direct Inc
  • National Assoc for Info Destruction
  • Nebraska Realtors Assoc
  • New Mexico State University
  • /ul> /td> td valign="top" width="44%">
    • Rockwell Automation
    • SAP AG
    • Society of Cr itical Care Medicine
    • TTS Performance Systems
    • The Hygienic Corporation
    • U.S. Poultry & Egg Associat ion
    • UNZ & Co. Inc
    • University of Illinois At Chicago
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
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Convenient Seminar Locations
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Aug 12-13
Key West
Jan 6-7
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May 19-20
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On-Site Presentations

Have a special session developed just for you and your team...

Have the marketing topics individualized to your needs!

Call Jon Campbell at
(864) 656-3986
or email

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To make a room reservation call the Allerton Crowne Plaza (Chicago) at 800-621-8311.  When making your room reservations please mention Clemson University for reduced room rates.You may also contact Clemson University's hotel broker Ms. Judy Nugent at (813) 641-0558 if you need help with your accommodations.

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