Sunday Luncheon Talk By Robert Adelson, Esq.

                    Business Design of Executive/Key Person Contracting and

Compensation to Build Your Team & Keep Top Talent 

  1. Attracting Top Talent - In the volatile world of high growth companies, cash is king but talent is key.  Where  top talent is key and ever harder to recruit, are you doing all you can to attract talent to your company? Even as you try to preserve precious cash?

  2. Innovations to Conserve Cash - When a prized hire says "show me the money" and you don't have it but you need that person, you need them bad -  is there a way out of the box?  What new tools are available to keep pace with the competition?  Can you recruit people without depleting precious cash?

  3. Team Concept to Business Value - When VC's look to back high growth companies, they look at three things the most -: "management, management, management".  Do you see your company the same way?  Are senior management, sales and technical personnel, the most important assets of your software company?  Are you consciously building your management assets, building your team to enhance enterprise value?

  4. Avoiding Costly Attrition - What is your company doing to maintain your People Power? (assets that walk out your front door each evening) ... What has turn-over cost your company in the past?  What can you do to avoid losing people you need to succeed in the future?

Robert  Adelson's luncheon  presentation will address each of the above issues all of face in  the "management and key employee" piece of our business, so important to the overall Art and Science of Business Design as our boot camp leads us through a comprehensive framework of starting and running high growth businesses.   Using his acclaimed case-study method, Robert Adelson has delighted entrepreneurial audiences over the last decade and should be a most stimulating speaker for us Sunday.  Drawing on his experience as a business and tax attorney for over 25 years, Mr. Adelson will share with us many of his special techniques for first putting together your business team in the early stage.  Adelson's techniques leverage your equity potential, conserve precious cash, and use Mr. Adelson's knowledge of US tax laws as a silent partner for extra advantage

Just hearing Rob Adelson tell how the US tax laws can help you is worth the price of admission!  Mr. Adelson will then conclude with several of his special approaches to "keeping it all fresh and inviting" - to retain your key people, avoid attrition and keep the people you need to reach your growth potential.

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