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There is a cycle of building beliefs called the self talk cycle. Our self talk builds our self image and our self image determines our behavior, our actions, and our self worth - how we feel about ourselves. If we want to change the way we feel about ourselves we need to change our self talk. We need to build ourselves up.


Measurement, Experimenting and
Creative Marketing Tactics

Forth in a 4 part series on "Getting Creative with your Marketing to Drive Sales"

No Matter How Good Our Products and Services Are
Today We Live and Die By Our Marketing and Sales

In the first three installments of this series (1, 2, 3) on marketing we talked about narrowing your market and the structuring of your message to take advantage of human psychology and even evolution. Then we talked about how you need to adjust this compared to decades past.  Today we will discuss some strategies consistent with the concepts we have previously discussed.

What is your ratio of passive to active marketing?  Marketing people love to do passive marketing. This is building the web site, designing the brochure and other one-time things that are your marketing "infrastructure". However, passive marketing does not generate one single customer. Active marketing is getting that stuff out in front of prospects and customers. Advertising, direct mail and attending tradeshows is active marketing.  Watch this expense ratio and track it over time.  Of course, requiring your marketing head to track this also sends a clear message too. Early-stage companies may have a high percentage of passive marketing early on but you need to drive this ratio (active/passive) up as quickly as possible to be successful. If you don't you will have a fat and useless marketing budget. Like most things you are tracking in an early-stage company use ratios so that rapid changes in absolute numbers do not invalidate your history or blur the trend.

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Bob Norton is the author of four books on starting and growing companies and entrepreneurship. He runs the Advanced Entrepreneurship CEO Boot Camp to help CEOs and senior executives cut years off their learning curve. He also coaches CEOs at growth oriented technology companies up to $150MM in sales. He has been part of eight startup companies and grown two of those to over $100MM in sales. He can be contacted at:

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Resources For CEOs at High-Tech Growth Companies

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