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Finding a good consultant when you do not have expertise in that area is a catch-22. How will you know when you have the right person? How will you search and filter down to the best candidates? C-Level can help and provides this service for totally selfish reasons - We want the great people we know, and have worked with before, to get a call in the process and odds are you will need our help eventually too. What You Don't Know Can Kill You And You Can't Know What You Don't Know!

It is our intention at C-Level to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients, consultants and professional service providers. We often have a need for professionals with specific skills and expertise to help grow our client's business. When a particular expertise is required, it often occurs at a busy time when you have little capacity to search for and then interview many candidates and you likely do not have the expertise to select the best candidate in this area if you need help there.

Just let us know what your need is and if we know of experts we can share their names and contact information with you on an informal basis or help you define the project and select the best candidate. It is a known truth in consulting that if the client needs help in the first place, they are unlikely to be able to design the entire project themselves without some outside, and preferably independent, help too. After all if you need an outside expert and they cannot provide more expertise than you on the matter, then you should not be hiring them!

What this means is that the best consultants will want to participate in the design of the project and objectives - NOT just show up to perform tasks. That would not really be a consultant, but a contractor. Any consultant who can not add value in designing the engagement is not a consultant so much as a hired hand.

C-Level tries to maintain a list of quality firms and sole practitioners that can provide the following services:

  1. Consulting CFOs and controllers
  2. Consulting Sales Development Services
  3. Marketing Consultants
  4. Attorneys Specializing in the areas of practice appropriate to our clients
  5. Human Resources Outsourcing Firms
  6. Sources of Capital including VCs, banks, investment bankers and angels
  7. Specialists in joint ventures and alliances

It is generally our intention to provide help to companies in this way when they may not have the experience or expertise to select from a large number of providers, and may need help narrowing the field and/or defining the project and its objectives.

Screening help, beyond the scope of a simple referral and/or definition of projects, can be done under C-Level's usual fees at an hourly rate or flat rate.

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