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Akman, Riitta (Finland/Germany) Boxmann Boxers

Alexander, Trish

Amen, Beth (USA)

American Boxer Charitable Foundation

American Boxer Club (USA)

American Boxer Rescue Association

Ann's Boxer Home Page (USA)

Auggie's World!

Austin, Jan & Michael's Home Page

Batten, Melinda (USA) & Daisy

Bell, Shirley (Canada) NOBC Bellcrest Boxers Perm. Reg.

Boorstein, Toni (USA) Red Clay Boxers

Boxer Babies: Boxers Available Throughout the World

Boxer Breeders & Rescue Organizations - United States

Boxer Club of France

Boxer Connections

The Boxer: Dog Owner's Guide

Boxer Lovers' Forum

(Boxer) Portraits by Angi Laframboise

Boxer Rescue Canada

Boxer Rescue Message Center

Other Boxer Pages

Boxer Rescue: Kay McAleese

Boxer Rescue:Georgia

Boxer Rescue: Ohio State U. List of Rescue Contacts -
Ohter Breed Rescues Also

Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc. Reston, VA

Boxers To The Rescue

Boxer Rebound

Boxer Screensave

Boxer USA - - Home of Wild Plum Kennels

Boxer Ring -- Home Page

Boxer Lovers Forum

Boxers In Portugal

British Boxer Club (UK)

Bryant, Dot and Jerry - Interlude Boxers

Cauble, Debbie

Clifton, Mike & Claudia (USA) Semper Fi Boxers

Coull, Chuck & Keil, Ann Winland Boxers (USA)

Cowley, Matthew - Marimat Boxer Kennels

Curl, Mary L. Shadowdale Boxers Perm Reg. (Canada)

Daniele and Luther's Page

Di Bella's Boxers

Doane, Donna (USA)

Drew's Boxers

Dula's page (Germany)

Dymott, Thea - Nubyu Boxers

Elward, Patrick & Juliann: Fred's Page (USA)

Eric's Boxer Page (USA)

Emerson, Karen

Espirit Boxers

Farris, Glenda

Feight, Cheryl

German Boxer-Klub (Germany)

Ghimenti, Christina - PawPrint Boxers

Gonzalez, Carlos and Candy/ Solrac Boxers

Gonzalez, Marian

Haedo, Wendy

Hochhalter, Deb (USA) Moonshadow Boxers

Hodge, Michele - ViLaDa Boxers

Hornsby, Jennifer: B.O.S.S. (USA)


Hubert-Markos, Cathy (USA)

Indonesian Boxers

Jaeger, Verena (Canada) Jaegerhouse Boxers

Jansen, Jenny - Joey's page

Johnson, Jane

Keil, Ann & Coull, Chuck Winland Boxers

Kollar, Janice

Kobi - The Wonder Boxer

Larsen, Ken: The Larsen Boxers (US)

Lindbland, Niklus: BoxerKennels, Yellow N Stripe's (Sweden)

Little, Tom & Connie: Icon Boxers (USA)

Lonetti, Betsy

Marko, Chris - Medousa Boxers

Maryland Rescues

Maximillions Home Page

McAleese, Kay


Merring, Eric

Mitchell, Donna - KD Boxer's Home Page

Moscoso, Natacha - Urkabustaiz Boxers

Mullen, Gil & Amy (USA)

Nani's Boxer Page (USA)

Naylor, Paul Home Page

Nellum ,Ray (USA) Redoak's Boxers & Labradors

Nevius, Kathryn - Minstrel Boxers

Newcastle Boxers

Northern Ontario Boxer Club (NOBC) (Canada)

Norwegian Kennel Playmate Boxers

The Official Boxer Mailing List Home Pages

O'Keeffe, Paul

O'Reilly, Josie Summer Boxers

Osborn, Rachel Osborn's Funny Farm

Outi's Boxer Page (Finland)

Pariseau, Beth: Bix-L Boxers (US)

Persson, Anna (Sweden) Morry's Homepage

Philips, Elizabeth/James: JayRbar Kennels (KsR)

Renaud, Barb (USA)

Riordan, Heather

Rodlin Kennels (Canada)

Rogers, Susan Paradise Boxers

Sarkel Boxers

Silas' Page - A Very Special Rescue Boy

Simpson, Sharon - Zephyr Boxers (Canada)

Spessard, Dianne - (USA)

Squires, Peter - Belire Boxers

Skipper's Page

Swedish Boxer Club (Sweden)

Swedish Boxer Club, Western Area (Sweden)

Thor's Boxer Page (USA)

Tyson's Homepage

Uding, Dena

United Sates Boxer Association Home Page

Vickers, Darlene - Darvick Boxers

Vuorio, Tiina /Bokserit (Finland)

Wallner, Wendy, DVM (USA) Whirliwind Boxers

Watkins, Maryann (USA)

The White Pages (dedicated to white Boxers)

White Boxers: A Commentary by Beth Pariseau

White, Nancy Sundance Boxers (Canada)

Willder, Amy - Vezben reg'd Boxers (Canada)

Williford, Rande Boxer Haven (USA)

Wilson, Anita & Floyd Dark of Shadow Boxers (USA)

Yon, Jerry and Lynda Rosend Boxers

Canine Related Pages

Alley Animals

American Dog Trainer's Network: Clicker Training

American Kennel Club

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Animal Home: Links to Animal Rescue Groups

Art By Angi

Bad Dogs & the Women Who Love Them

Blind Dogs - "Living With Blind Dogs"

Breed Rescue Organizations

Breed Rescue Groups: The Poop

Calendar of Shows - - Dog

Camp Gone to the Dogs

Canine Good Citizen

ChloeCards - Home of the Pet Driver's License, and more

Click & Treat, Gary Wilkes

Clicker Training, "don't Shoot the Dog," Karen Pryor

Clicker Training Keeper Posts

Complete List of Dog-Related E-Mail Lists

Cool Dog Site of the Day

Cool Pet Stuff

Council of Docked Breeds

The Country Butcher Shop

Critter Chat: Dedicated to the health, Welfare, and happiness of our pets

Critter Haven, The Caring Place

Crufts 1997 (UK)

Cyber Pets

The Deaf Dogs Page

Delta Society: Celebrating Companion Animals

Dog Play Clicker Training

Dog Week

Doggie Diamonds - Exclusive Custom Made Products for the Dog Lover

Doggie Christmas Carols

The Dog-Bite Home Page

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Owner's Guide

Dog Rescue Web Page

Dog Screen Saver

A Dog Owner's Network chat

Dog Shelters and Rescue Organizations

The Dog Training School

Dog Zone

(DVM) Pet Insurance

Esquivel & Fees Craftsmen - Great Jewelery for Pet Lovers

Fused Glass Pieces: Dog Breeds

Flea and Tic FAQ

Go Fly - - Custon-made Flags of AKC recognized Dog Breeds

Graham Carriage Works: Makers of Innovative Carts for Dogs

Hot Diggity Dog

Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre - Alternative Treatments

Humorous Dog Related Links

Kongs, Great Toys for Dogs

National Animal Poison Control Center

Net Vet: Veterinary Resources

Pet Crests

Pet Freebies

The Pet Loss Grief Support Page & Candle Ceremony

Pet Loss support Hot Line

PetPro Dog Stuff

Pet Rescue

Pets in Need

Pet Sage - Natural Remedies

Pet Treats from Carolina Prime Pet

Pets Welcome - A Must for Traveling with your Pets

the Purina® Dog Breed Selector.

the Purina® Internet - Pet Horoscope

Rainbow Bridge

rec.pets.dogs FAQ Homepage

Rescue Web Pages, Listed Alphabetically by Breed

Senior Canine Rescue Society

The Senior Dogs Project

Seniors for Seniors

The Vet Corner -- Canada

Sleddog Rescue, A Shelter for Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies

Shy Dogs

SKS Originals - - Canine Sculpture

Spay/Neuter Ring

Super Dog - Pet Dog Training

Thousands of Pet Names

Three Dog Bakery

Welcome to a World of Information on Dogs!

WOLF PACKS® - Assistance Dog Equipment

WWW.Wolfs - Dog Information, News and Much More

Virtual Dog Show

Virtual Library of Veterinary Medicine

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