Bootstrapping - How to Go From Raw Idea To A Fundable Startup

From The "Secrets Of A Serial EntrepreneurTM" Series

This Seminar Provides A Complete Framework For Starting A New Business and Getting It To The Point Of Fundability.

No date is currently scheduled for this seminar, but the previous one is available on 2 audio tapes for only $57.
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What You Will Learn:

  1. How to decide if you are ready to launch your company.
  2. How to research and prepare yourself, your family and your finances.
  3. How to design a business that can be more successful and require less investment of cash.
  4. How to maximize the time and resources you have and still make fast progress.
  5. How to get ten times the productivity in the product development phase.
  6. How to prepare and validate your vision and access and manage risks.
  7. Mapping out your plan and the order and steps to insure success.
  8. How to hire the best people that can work in a high stress startup environment.
  9. How to know what resources you will need from other and qualify and negotiate the best deals with consultants, vendors and customers.
  10. How to package the company for success and develop a plan for financing its growth.
  11. The top mistakes made by entrepreneurs that kill companies over and over again and how to avoid them.
  12. How to decide when you NEED to spend money.
  13. The top mistakes made in raising capital and how to avoid them.
  14. When NOT to launch, raise capital and hire people
  15. And much, much more . . . .

What You Will Get:

  1. Two hours of non-stop secrets, content and tip
  2. A free ebook on starting a company
  3. A book with a hardcopy of all slides and related articles.
  4. A Q & A session with a serial entrepreneur who will answer any question, including things most people won't tell you. With 15 years as a CEO and experience in 7 startups Bob can answer most questions on the spot.
  5. A F-R--E-E Introduction to our Entrepreneurial and CEO Boot Camp 6pm to 6:30pm, if you arrive 30 minutes early.
  6. Refreshments and free parking.


This Seminar Provides A Complete Framework For Starting A New Business and Getting It To The Point Of Fundability

A "How To" Seminar On Launching a Company

Available on 2 Audio Tapes - For $69 - Click Here

Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of 15 years, who has built two companies to over $100 million in sales. He has also participated in seven startup companies, and worked for two multi-billion dollar corporations.

Mr. Norton mentors and advises entrepreneurs and CEOs and is CEO of C-Level Enterprises, which provides business design and vision enhancement expertise through consulting, seminars, speaking and products.

Who Should Attend
CEOs, Founders, & Entrepreneurs
Vice Presidents & COOs
Senior Executives

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