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Stage 1 in a company's development is a process of turning your business idea into a real executable business plan. At this early stage you, as a founder, should focus on market research and gathering data that will allow you to steer your enterprise into a market niche with the lowest hanging fruit, where resistance to market entry are lowest and sales can be achieved most easily. You need to set a course for targeting a narrowly defined customer profile that shares a common point of pain that your company can address. You then need to convince potential customers to take the extra risk of dealing with a startup company.

Because of the generally low burn rate at this stage, you want to take your time and learn as much as possible about your market, your potential customers, your entry strategy and YOURSELF. Rather than reinventing the wheel you will want to learn from others who have done it before, as YOU will quickly need to master, among other things, the four major business disciplines of Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance. In reality you will need more expertise than you can acquire quickly. Using a virtual team is a partial solution. But having a well thought out business design process will really lower your risk of failure and reduce the time and capital you need to get to a cash flow positive situation. You should explore many different business models, knowing that starting one business model to finance getting to another, can at times preserve your ownership by reducing capital needs.

In this critical stage of development where you are building the foundation for the future of your business, we have designed a complete module to help you successfully get to the next stage of your company's development.

Raw Startup Bundle

This module has all of our products created specifically for Stage 1 companies. This module will show you:

Only $327

  • The disciplines of business design, business planning and business model optimization
  • How to develop, improve and test the vision for your company
  • How to position your company’s products and services in any market for maximum benefit
  • New market research concepts that will help your company design ONLY those products and services that deliver the benefits that customers will pay for
  • Proven secrets for employee development using skill set matrixes and different management methods
  • The most powerful bootstrapping strategies to leverage your position, assets and get to revenue faster
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Raw Startup

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eBooks - Get instantly downloadable ebooks at
These are provided as Adobe PDF files.
Designing a Startup For Rapid Growth and Profit – Optimizing Your Business Model For More Success $57

The Startup Manual
Complete set of all 4 books above in a 5.5-pound 3-ring binder with a bonus $99 CD with our proprietary business design and optimization tools and instructions (from our CEO Boot Camp).

Save Over 30% when all are purchased together.
Audio Seminars With Slides**    
Bootstrapping (2 CDs + Slides) – Getting from raw idea in the garage to your launch or first outside investor round  $67
Save Even More: The Ultimate Startup Manual The Startup Manual plus 2 double CD audio courses: Bootstrapping & Secrets Raising Angel Financing audio sets.   This product comes in a three ring binder with almost four hours of audio on Raising Angel Financing and Bootstrapping.  This is a complete system for starting an early stage company from original idea, to first outside financing and a framework for growing to $100 million in sales. You may substitute any other 2 CD sets (include note). $267
*To save time, trees and gas, and to keep your shipping costs down we a phasing in electronic deliver. Audios may be shipped with a hardcopy of slides, or you may receive a PDF file or link by email to download print these pages.