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Company's Stage of Development - Stage 1
  • Idea stage
  • Still in the garage
  • Designing the business
  • No employees
  • No revenue
  • Building the business plan
Company's Stage of Development - Stage 2
  • Out of the garage
  • Executing on business plan
  • Doing product development
  • Looking for funding
  • Possibly some sales
  • Hiring employees
Company's Stage of Development - Stage 3
  • Revenue of $1-$5 million
  • 20+ employees
  • Have a proven business model in terms of economics, value proposition and target market(s)
Company's Stage of Development - Stage 4
  • Revenue of $5+ million
  • >50 employees
  • Ready to scale the business to be a market leader
  • Generally seeking expansion capital
  • Large market opportunity

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Sales Management Tips: Announcing Quota and Compensation Plan Changes
February 2005

A client asks, "I have set my salespeople's goals and created a new compensation plan for 2005, but there are some significant changes to both and I am concerned about the reaction from the sales staff. How should I handle this situation?" Issuing sales quotas and unveiling a new compensation plan is tricky. You say you are concerned, which implies that you think your salespeople will not universally regard the new plan as positive. I will assume that you have a sensible and fair new plan with sound business reasons behind it. Typically, reactions by salespeople may reflect concerns that they may make less money or that they may have to work harder. Some individuals may have to sell more of a product they don't particularly enjoy selling. Others may look for loopholes thinking "the company" is purposefully trying to under-compensate them. Given all this, the best approach is to roll out the new plan in a way that gives the salespeople time to think about it before reacting. Read Full Article...

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