What Makes C-Level Enterprises Different?

For Starters - Experience As An Operating CEO and Serial Entrepreneur since 1989.
C-Level Enterprises is Our 8th Startup Company.
We Can Help You Make Your Business Go Straight Up!

C-Level Enterprises provides experienced CEO level management consulting help as a consultant, interim executive, coach, mentor or advisor to CEOs, founders, Board of Directors, investors and senior level executives. As a consulting CEO Mr. Norton can provide a perspective and experience few consultants possess.

Few management consultants can claim the breath of experience that a seasoned CEO can offer. This is not just management consulting on a project basis, but CEO level expertise that can quickly benefit all areas of your business to optimize revenue, costs, profits and competitive position.

Due to his extensive operational experience running many companies in different industries Mr. Norton can design and improve a business taking into account all disciplines. Mr. Norton has founded companies, created over $1 billion in value for investors and now provides his expertise through consulting, speaking, seminars and writing on many topics.

Some areas of expertise include executive team building, business planning, strategy development, vision development/enhancement, product development and launches, and market positioning, as well as organizational development and growth for all size companies. Anyone can "write" a business plan but few consultants can help design the business to work.

As a former CTO Mr. Norton is also highly qualified to consult on the strategic use of information technology as both core the business/product and/or in any business support role. For a complete biography of Mr. Norton click here.

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