CEO and executive seminars that address critical training issues that early-stage ventures commonly struggle with while moving from raw startup with just an idea, to becoming an established rapid growth company.  Seminars are presented both via telephone conference calls (as "Teleseminars") and in person, and contain lecture workshop, conversations and Q & A.   Our founder and CEO, Bob Norton personally presents all seminars.

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Background: Mr. Norton is one of the leading authorities on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and growing businesses rapidly.  He has participated in eight startup companies, grown two to over $100 million in sales and some have dominated their respective markets.  He has also worked for multi-billion dollar corporations including Grumman Aerospace, The International Thomson Organization, FIRST CALL and others.  He has run many product development efforts and teams to create breakthrough products and services that have altered industries.

Mr. Norton's experience goes across all size companies, and many types of businesses in many industries.  Mr. Norton provides expertise and tools to grow small and medium size companies more rapidly using eleven different proprietary tools and methodologies for business design, development and optimization, which he has invented and refined over the last fifteen years.  He also runs the premier CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp in the U.S. today used to cut years off the learning curve of both new and experienced CEOs and entrepreneurs.  This exclusive event teaches practical business design systems and experience in an intensive 3-day training program.

Mr. Norton has appeared on CNBC, Good Morning America and many other regional and national media like Inc. magazine.  He provides advice to entrepreneurs and CEOs through consulting, speaking, writing and seminars.  He frequently speaks at corporations, associations, and universities including MIT, Boston University and Babson on business topics.

These seminars are packed with unique and proprietary content that comes from the experience of a real serial entrepreneur, not just another author who did some academic research, but from proven practical and time tested experience growing businesses.  The philosophies and systems used in each seminar are compatible and create a complete framework for business design, management and rapid business growth.  The Rapid Growth By DesignTM framework is made up of all these tools and taught in total in two alternative formats: A) A 3-day intensive boot camp and B) A 16 week, once per week 2-hour evening teleseminar.  For more information click: CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp - The Art and Science of Business Design.

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