How would you like to have a coach, advisor and/or mentor with over 24 years as a CEO and 25 years total experience as an entrepreneur help guide you and your business? 

How about someone who has launched over 30 products, grown two businesses to over $100 million in sales, and created over $1 billion in shareholder value, just while at those companies?

Would you like someone like this on your team every week for those big decisions? And what if this cost you less than a secretary?  The ROI in the first year alone is impossible to calculate but is likely to be enormous because of the leverage in these strategic level decisions.

If you feel stuck and that something is holding you  back you are not alone. There are many things other people know about us and can easily see, that we are not aware of ourselves.  These limit us from growth and expansion of responsibilities.  Mr. Norton has mentored and coached over 100 executives over the last 16 years. Some on his management team and some through this program. Not one regretted the experience, as their growth was accelerated.  Coaching will allow you to find and eliminate your personal limitations and tap the cap off your company's growth potential.

The Executive Coaching Program is not for the average corporate executive. It is just for very serious executives who want to accelerate their career and business.  Typical clients are looking for guidance and also creative business ideas that will help them shine and move up the corporate ladder faster. This is their edge over the competition.  Most executive coaches cannot coach at this level, offering broad business advice, because they have not been CEOs, or sometimes even senior executives at high growth companies.  This is not just "career coaching", but business growth and leadership coaching too.

Mr. Norton is one of the country's leading experts on entrepreneurship, business strategy, vision development and growing businesses rapidly.   He has written four books on entrepreneurship including The Startup Manual and developed many training programs for CEOs and entrepreneurs. This Executive Coaching Program is for both new and experienced CEOs who need an outside perspective for "lonely at the top" decisions from an experienced CEO who is up to speed on their business.

Even Tiger Woods Needs a Coach.

The Executive Coaching Program is designed for people who wish to maximize their career or even move into the CEO spot.  It is designed to help guide you and your business decisions by enhancing your executive skills, creativity, intuition and identifying and breaking down the limits that hold you back. Generally this can be done only with the guidance of people who have "Been there. Done that."

The Executive Coaching Program provides the following services and benefits:

  1. Regular Phone or Personal Meetings - Average of one hours per week of time working with you "on" the business (not "in" the business) and addressing the biggest challenges and decisions you face today.  This time can be used for strategic planning, evaluation of problems or just about any topic that is pressing that you need help with that week.

  2. Review key proposals, letters, plans and decisions - Bob will be your co-pilot for tough decisions, always there, always up to speed.

  3. Telephone and Email Support - You will have Bob's cell phone number to call for quick consultations on important decisions and issues to get the benefit of Bob's experience whenever you need it! 

  4. Organizational Development - Bob will help you develop, update and validate your vision for yourself and your company.  He will also provide creative ideas on ways to expand your visibility, business acumen and leverage your core strengths.

  5. Discounted Rates - Participants receive a 50% discount on all our products and seminars. 

Outside perspective is key to success.
We are just too close to many issues to see all the best alternatives.

Not everyone is accepted into this program, as Bob can only handle a small number of these at a time and must be selective. Applicants are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.   Bob does this because he enjoys working closely with top executives with the potential to grow more quickly. This program is designed to get both the executive and their business to the next level of performance. 

A three month minimum commitment is required because Bob may invest extra unpaid time up front to get up to speed.  The cost of the full program is only $850 per month with the expectation that between 6 months and one year will get you to the next level in your career and increase your salary and job satisfaction significantly FOREVER.  

A FREE complementary session is available to qualified candidates. Call (508) 381-8013 to discuss this program and set up a complementary 1/2 hour session.


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