Terms of Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Seminars:

For all our seminars except the Boot Camp (see below) we will gladly refund the full amount minus a 15% processing fee to cover credit card costs and handling with notice before the seminar ends, or immediately after the seminar is over to the seminar instructor if you are dissatisfied for any reason. You must return all handouts, materials and notes for this refund to be processed.

If you can not attend a seminar you can transfer that registration to the next similar seminar, or get a credit towards another seminar.  We can not make any refund if you do not cancel at least 14 days in advance as we must commit to the hotel for the room and any meals and refreshments etc.

CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp:

The Entrepreneur and CEO Boot Camp is our flagship event and should have a huge impact on your business and career.  It is also a top quality venue with four course meals, a high quality hotel and therefore it is expensive for us to put on and to reserve seats for people.

We want you to be 100% satisfied and have the chance to prove this is for you with minimum risk.  Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with this seminar after the first full day, you will have the option to return all your materials, workbooks and notes at the end of that day and receive a 100% refund.  Yes we will eat your two meals, snacks and other processing costs like credit card fees!  Due to limited seating and the inability to resell these reserved seats we can not offer a refund to anyone who does not attend without 21 days advance notice, however, we will gladly transfer that registration to the next seminar.  The refund will only be available if you are there for the entire first day, not if you show up late, leave early or if remove any of the seminar materials from the hotel premises.

This is an intensive, graduate level course. Many of the attendees already have an MBA and have run companies for many years already and they say this material is above and beyond what they learned in business school.  Like most things you must also put in the effort and be prepared to use what is learned afterwards to get the most value.  Given the advanced and intensive nature of this seminar we require that individuals have a minimum of three years of professional management experience.  Generally 98% of the attendees are owners, CEOs and Presidents of their own companies. If you do not meet the management experience requirement then you should not be there, and no refund can be offered, as this will likely be too much for you to understand and handle.  We can not be responsible for people who exaggerate their experience to attend and then say it was too fast, or they did not "get it" or understand what was going on. 

We would love to extend this refund to last much longer, but unfortunately believe this would encourage lots of less serious, desperate entrepreneurs, without the ethics and resources to be successful, to attend and take advantage of this policy by getting the entire course, and then getting a refund after learning and copying all our materials. Therefore once you leave the building with your book after the first day no refund can be made.




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