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Accomplished CEO Launches "CEO Level" Consulting Services Business
Not Your Typical Consulting Service

January 10, 2003 -- Today, Robert Norton, founder and CEO of several successful Boston area companies over the last 15 years, announced he would begin offering coaching, advisory and other CEO level mentor and advisory services to New England area entrepreneurs, CEOs and companies. He will also be developing an intensive CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp program for serious entrepreneurs based on his 25 years as a serial entrepreneur.

Mr. Norton has been a CEO and President of four different companies during the last 14 years and served on numerous boards. He was founder of a company that grew to $156 million in annual revenue within one year of product launch. He also developed the products for five separate divisions of Thomson Financial Services including FIRST CALL, Portia, VideoMunifacts, InvestTEXT and the basic technology and architecture used in all Thomson's products at the time. He has participated in several successful companies as officer, Director and/or President including Thomson Financial Services, FIRST CALL, HomeView, A+America,, Business Research Corporation, Envoy Systems and ISI Systems.

Mr. Norton's biography is impressive because every single product that he launched achieved warm market acceptance and/or significant market share. He credits this record to diligent market research, customer interaction and the abilities he developed which allow him to translate business needs into accurate product specifications and vision.

Mr. Norton says "In a world where literally most product development efforts fail, both internal and external, it is usually a simple lack of understanding of customer needs and workflow processes that is to blame. There is an art of listening to customers closely, understanding their needs and then building something that is far beyond what they can imagine. You can build something that can revolutionize their work-a-day processes and have a huge productivity and strategic impact, but you sometime must also ignore much of what they say. The trick that comes from experience and intuition is knowing what to ignore and what to worship as gospel."

Mr. Norton will make himself available to only a few companies at a time so that he can have a significant impact on each. He will also continue to invest in early-stage technology companies as an angel investor.

When asked what his market niche will be in this shrinking consulting market Mr. Norton said "I think there is a great need for seasoned and battle savvy CEOs to mentor and coach new founders and new CEOs. Few consultants have the broad operational experience to help develop company visions that can be launched successfully. Many will not know they need it, others will not think they can afford it, when in fact it will generate huge savings and greatly reduce their risk profile. However, those that get it will achieve greatness by leveraging the experience of others and avoiding the many, and fatal, pitfalls of getting a business to profitability. A second niche with lots of need for experienced CEOs is investors, Boards, Presidents and other CEOs who need another perspective on their current business struggles. The CEO's job is a lonely one where many issues cannot or should not be discussed with the staff, and outside sources with similar experiences can be used to get a second opinion or perspective on a problem or investment decision."

Mr. Norton is also writing a book on adjusting your management style and company culture to the stage of development of the company. He feels many managers are sophisticated in adjusting their management style to individuals under them, while ignoring the larger macro factors that are a function of the business's industry, market position and development stage.

Sample chapters will be released in local publication and through Mr. Norton's web site and newsletter available at

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