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Entrepreneur Boot Camp Aims To Fight Offshoring
By Creating New Jobs

C-Level Enterprises announced today it is offering an intensive CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp, a two-day program to help jump-start venture and job creation through entrepreneurship training.  Although filling the gap for practical entrepreneurship training is the primary goal, another is to help cancel out the massive flow of jobs offshore. By running many of these events we can and create many thousands of new jobs by 2010.  Both new and experienced CEOs and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to be trained by a successful serial entrepreneur to design, launch and grow companies rapidly.  There is little practical training available today to become a business creator and owner.

Mr. Robert Norton, CEO of C-Level Enterprises, and a leading authority on entrepreneurship and growing companies, said: “Offshoring is costing thousands of white-collar jobs in the U.S. every month now.  We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg, and this poses a significant long-term threat to the U.S. economy, and our collective middle-class standard of living in the U.S.  By offering a boot camp we can make a larger scale contribution than by just doing the one-on-one mentoring we normally provide.  We need to create more entrepreneurs and boost innovation to stay globally competitive.  The ease of shipping jobs offshore via the Internet has accelerated the exporting of America’s once protected white-collar jobs.  Very few professions are now safe and almost any job done by phone and computer is now a candidate for offshoring.”

It is commonly accepted that ideas are a dime a dozen, and capital is the ultimate commodity.  Investors have billions in capital is now waiting on the sidelines for good investment opportunities.  The limiting factor is a pool of capable and experienced entrepreneurs.  Experienced managers can make this transition with help.

This intensive boot camp, titled “The Art and Science of Business Design”, provides a concentrated course on designing and growing companies rapidly from a raw idea to $50 million, or more, in sales in any economic environment.  Attendees will learn a complete framework of eleven proprietary business design tools, developed by Mr. Norton over his 15 years as a CEO that will help create new businesses.  These tools can be used to design and enhance virtually any business in any industry.

C-Level Enterprises will also award several free seats to deserving entrepreneurs who submit an essay explaining why they should get free admission with their business idea (which will be kept confidential).  Some previous management experience is required.  Contest submissions should be emailed to


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