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CEOs to Meet For The First Event Of Its Kind
Ever On New Company Creation

 C-Level Enterprises announced today that 40 CEOs will be assembling in Waltham, Massachusetts on May 15th 2004 for an intensive weekend of information exchange and training on creating new companies and jobs in the improving economic environment.  The majority of economists agree on little, except that small companies will be the primary source of new jobs.  After a three-year job creation slump, a leading indicator, venture capital investment, is up 29% so far this year.

Mr. Robert Norton, CEO of C-Level Enterprises, and a leading authority on entrepreneurship said: �Through this event we will make a large contribution to job creation by helping CEOs learn systems, previously unavailable, that enable both new companies and existing companies to grow more rapidly.  We have spent the last 14 months developing trainable systems and frameworks that will help CEOs design businesses that have a greater ability to succeed�.  Twelve tools will be taught, of which eleven, have been recently documented for the first time, and one is a classic competitive strategy tool developed by a Harvard professor.  These dozen tools have been used by Mr. Norton to create successful businesses over the last decade, but kept secret as proprietary tools and information.  Attendees will greatly improve their chances of building a successful company in a world where typically less than 5% of new companies are successful at significant long-term job creation and only about 10% of venture capital backed companies reach enough success to go public.

It is well known in business circles that ideas are plentiful, due to constantly emerging new technologies.  It is also true that literally billions of dollars of capital is sitting on the sidelines waiting for good investment opportunities.  Yet capable and experienced entrepreneurs and teams that have all the skills to combine ideas and capital to create successful companies are the limiting resource.  Universities seldom have successful entrepreneurs on the faculty to teach these practical experiences, so getting this experience is generally from on-the-job training.  Experienced managers can make this transition with help from experienced serial entrepreneurs who have launched many startup companies successfully.

Scholarships based on merit are available to young entrepreneurs who submit an executive summary on their business idea.


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