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Some Flat Rate Consulting Projects 
Discounted Pricing For Startups and Early-stage Companies

Sometimes getting in and out fast is all that matters. Some consultants want to build you an aircraft carrier when all you need today is a little speedboat and some vision and design work for the future.  These consulting projects can be done quickly without risk of growing into a huge ongoing expense. Many of these consulting projects are best done by an experienced CEO, because they span several disciplines, and a large team of experts will be much too expensive and time consuming to corral, educate and coordinate.

If you have not done it before, then you can not expect to get it right the first time any more than you would fly a plane well without some one-on-one personal training first. Each mistake will cost more than you think, generally your monthly burn rate times the number of months it takes to learn and get it right. This can quickly become tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in costs and/or lost sales.

Flat rates align the client's goals with the consultant's to get to the best solution cost effectively and quickly. Paying by the hour creates a conflict of interest for the consultant and the desire to do a "perfect" job appropriate only for a large company where the rate of change is lower and the customer base and risk level supports that. This is usually many times the cost, instead of a practical job based on the company's early-stage, exposure and other situational factors. Whenever possible C-Level Enterprises will quote a flat rate for a well defined project.

Most business plan writers just write, they do not have the experience to help actually validate, design and improve your business model to be successful. There are many skills and disciplines, and also many interrelated dependencies in the development of any company's business plan and vision (See article: The 11 Major Components of a Successful Vision). In other words "writing" a business plan is one thing, "designing" it and "tuning the business model" so that it can really work in the real world is an entirely different story that requires lots of real world operations experience running companies.

All these projects are done by Bob Norton personally, not subcontracted to others. So you get the experience in business design, startups and as CEO for over 15 years in every project. Click here to view Bob's full biography.

Click here for an article on using outside consultants effectively.

Flat Rate Consulting Projects
Flat Rate

Complete Investor Financing Readiness Review & Critique -  Slide presentation and executive summary review and critique.  Plus a coaching session on presenting to investors.  Guaranteed to greatly increase your chances of raising either angel or institutional VC funding. This can be done quickly and may be the difference between getting financed and not raising a dime. Less than 1% of companies presenting to VCs will get funded!  Only the best, prepared and coached entrepreneurs will succeed in today's environment. This could be the best money you ever spend to save yourself months of grief and learning while burning your best possible contacts. You are too close to your business to do this yourself.



Full Business Plan Review and Critique - All comments and additions written in context in black-lined text plus a discussion to review the reasoning behind each suggestion. (35 page size limit at this price, proportionally more for larger plans). We will also provide sample slides and diagrams you can customize that have proven very effective in raising money in the past.  Anyone can write a business plan, we will improve the plan's strategies and tactics and add the business expertise of an experienced CEO to refine and improve your business model further. Every startup is a work-in-progress, we will jump your forward 1-2 years.  This is not a writing project, but designed to  make sure the business model is optimized and plan is properly organized and acceptable to investors etc.




Executive Summary Review and Critique (2 pages) - Review and blackline edits with conference call to discuss improvements needed. Second review after edits done by you included free. This is not about writing style. It is about content, the business model and hitting all the right buttons of investors to avoid the mistakes 95% of entrepreneurs make every day. You are too close to your own business to do this yourself!


Develop an Investor Presentation - Guaranteed to improve your chances of obtaining financing.  Developed from a completed business plan supplied by client.  Generally about 25 slides. Market research must be provided by the client.



Develop Executive Summary - From an existing business plan. (From scratch without a plan is hourly rate). This is THE key tool to get you in the investor's door and must be "perfect" and complete or it will just burn financing opportunities. 98% are incomplete and rejected quickly.

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Your Business - Guaranteed to identify ways to improve your business.  This is a one day visit and interview with all key executives to develop a report on leverage points that could improve your business. Executives will be asked to spend some time before interviews thinking about Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Report will then integrate and evaluate their ideas and the level of their thinking to provide some strategic suggestions and organizational development ideas. Report will contain a Skill Set MatrixTM evaluation for top two levels of the organization and ideas on preparing for more growth. Done on-site only. Travel time billed at $200/hour plus expenses additional.


Complete Market Validation Study and Business Model Design Adjustment Recommendations - This depends greatly on market data you already have. This is not qualitative or quantitative market research, but a business design process that will result in a superior market position.
$4,500 to $25,000
(Call to discuss quote)
General Market and Strategy Development - Improve or develop a business model and vision or evaluate a new product launch.
Call for Quote
One Year Business Market Entry/Launch Recommendation OR One Year Operational Plan Development
From $7,500
Market Space Map and Business Strategy Positioning Recommendation - Will depend greatly on market and amount of research you have gathered.
Daily Rate

CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching Program - This is a weekly meeting to have Bob Norton personally participate in all aspects of the business with an emphasis on working ON the business, not IN the business.  This program provides an experienced CEO co-pilot and a second perspective to develop and optimize your business model and growth.  This program will cut years off your learning curve and pay for itself many times over with extra sales, savings and mistakes avoided.  A minimum 4 month commitment is required, but to date no one has ever left this program once started because the benefits will be obvious very quickly. Call (508) 381-1450 for details. A FREE 1/2 hour session is available to understand the value delivered for qualified candidates.

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Full Program
2 Hours Weekly

 Mentoring Program
Executive Coaching Programs only $850/month

The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp and
Advanced CEO Training Programs

Intensive Seminar For CEOs, Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives.
Click Here for Information
Learn a complete integrated system
for starting and running high growth businesses.

This is 2 days of presentation, instruction and workshops for less than the cost of one day of consulting!
Executive Interviews - Hiring someone with skill sets you do not have is more than risky, it is a formula for disaster. Includes 90 minute interview, coordination and feedback on the person's experience level, fit and abilities.
$350 per interview
Vision Enhancement Process (For Established Company)
With most market research already available this will typically take 3 to 4 weeks.
$7,000 to $15,000
(Call to discuss quote)
Full Vision Development or Enhancement from scratch with 3 year Business Plan
This is a complete validation of your business and tuning of your business model for minimum capital and risk and a maximum revenue ramp rate. This will typically take 6 to 8 weeks.

Overall Corporate Evaluation For General Improvement and Recommendations - This includes a SWOT analysis and identification of the biggest opportunities for improvement. Discover and recommend on areas to enhance value, market position, efficiency and barriers to entry. Looking for the biggest bang for the buck improvements. (varies based on many factors)

$7,500 to $35,000 or
Daily Rate
Develop Full Business Plan from Scratch with Investor Presentation
(depends greatly on what you already have and complexity of market)
From $5,000 to $35,000 depending on status
(Call to discuss quote)
Customer Service or Operations Evaluation and Report to Improve Results - Will improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, employee turnover, employee selection and profitability.
$5,000 to $15,000
Offsite Executive or Management Facilitation Sessions
(i.e. executive team planning, crisis, organizational development, vision, product extension)
From $3,500

Daily and Hourly Rates - Although C-Level Enterprises prefers to define fixed rate projects with clear objectives, hourly and daily  can be used for all open ended consulting, coaching, and mentoring. There is a $1,500 project minimum, except as listed above, with a deposit of this amount and credit card guarantee.

Daily and hourly rates are on a sliding scale depending on the situation and volume of work.
Call 617-571-7591 now for a free quote on any  project.

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Knowing What You Don't know
Click to see definition of The "Prudent" CEO

What You Don't Know Can Kill You And You
Can�t Know What You Don�t Know Without Help!

Avoid the pitfalls that can be fatal.

Don�t do the riskiest and most expensive thing you might ever do without a
little guidance from someone who has �done it before�.

However, either way how do you know you have the right person when you do not have that skill? We do executive interviews for a small flat fee (see above).


  1. Data is made available by the client on the market, including data at the industry, space and individual competitive companies levels (including some pricing data).
  2. Most projects require 50% payment in advance, 25% upon draft delivery of project and and 25% on final delivery with a credit card guarantee. Any other billings are due within five days of billing for services.
  3. All reports are provided in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and presented to the appropriate audience as a "work for hire" with full ownership upon full payment. All work product is always confidential.
  4. Some project rates may vary by industry complexity, available resources and research and/or other factors. Price is a commitment by C-Level Enterprises only upon the signing of an engagement letter and 50% payment.

There are some times when spending money can save far more than the expense because years of study, knowledge, experience are required to do the job.  We believe that the above is a partial list of those times.  We have saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single meeting.  Mistakes in your business design are the most costly you can make because of the huge leverage possible in both directions.

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consultant business plan investors startup start up small business consultant business plan investors startup start up small business