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The Secrets Of A Serial EntrepreneurTM Series

These products were all developed by Bob Norton, a serial entrepreneur, who has 23 years business experience and over 15 years experience as a full-time CEO. Designed for both experienced and new CEOs  in early-stage companies who are serious about major success. A a series these books and CDs will dramatically increase your chances of success.  They present proven tools and systems that were developed by Mr. Norton over the last 15 years, while participating in eight different startup ventures and growing two to over $100 million in sales. 

Even though I sold a large Inc. 500 company before, this gave me the models I needed to just drop things into place and greatly improve and speed up my business development process.
Susan Chandler-Duquette, CEO DEI Business Consulting

Each book helps at a particular company development stage:
          1) Design the Business Model
          2) Launch the Business
          3) Hire the Best People while scaling up
          4) Manage Growth

Each book gives clear step-by-step instructions for each phase and a roadmap and structure to successfully navigate the pitfalls and issues that most often kill new businesses and products.  Ideally they should be read in order to maximize the benefit and your success.

The four ebooks can be downloaded  immediately and you can put the ideas and systems into action by very quickly.  Unlike hardcover books, that need to be a certain size to justify the printing, distribution and retail markups, these books will not have lots of redundant information, essentially showcasing the same basic ideas five different ways. They are packed with unique content (averaging over 110 pages) that comes from the experience of a real serial entrepreneur, not just an author. The philosophies and systems used in each are compatible so that, as a set, they create a complete framework for founding any business and growing it more rapidly.

Some key chapters and concepts are repeated in some of the books. The combination manual has all these redundancies removed. So if you plan to read the entire series it is best to buy the entire "Startup Manual" below, as it has one copy of everything plus a bonus CD with additional material.

These books address issues most entrepreneurs struggle with while starting a new business for a long, long time and can save and make you not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, by ramping sales faster and saving money on expensive mistakes.

Starting a Business - Executive training in entrepreneurship by Bob Norton, a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO Coach and Mentor

About The Author

Mr. Norton is a leading authority in the U.S. on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and growing businesses rapidly. He has personally participated full-time in launching eight startup companies. He has helped grow two to over $100 million in sales quickly and developed many major successful products and business divisions for two different multi-billion dollar corporations.  His experience includes all size companies  in products and services across many industries.

Mr. Norton founded his first company in 1976 selling antennas to ham radio operators, then worked many years at both small and large companies before founding a major company as its CEO in 1989.

Mr. Norton has appeared in Inc. Magazine, on CNBC, Good Morning America and many other media and provides advice and mentoring to entrepreneurs and CEOs through consulting, speaking, publishing and seminars.

Few authors understand the drastic differences in management styles, and other methodologies, that must be used through the five stages of a company's development from startup to mature company like Mr. Norton. Even fewer authors can claim to have "done it" by working at companies in every stage of development.

He frequently speaks at corporations, associations and universities including MIT, Boston University and Babson on startups, business, entrepreneurship  and other topics.

He has also developed the leading Entrepreneur and CEO Boot CampTM , an intensive training for any new or experienced CEO who wants to move to world-class performance levels by constantly improving their abilities.

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Executive Training Courses and Products For CEOs and Entrepreneurs in smal businesses
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startup, small busienss Designing a Startup For Rapid Growth Book For Entrepreneurs

 Designing a Startup For Rapid Growth

A step-by-step guide to designing a business, and business model, that will take off like a rocket.  Business design is a process, not just a flash of insight. Don't put your personal experience together with a new idea and expect an optimum business model or design - this is a common error of entrepreneurs. This disciplined framework will ensure your success where 95% fail by considering more possibilities and thinking out of the box. Minor tweaks to a business model can differentiate and make all the difference in creating more sales and raising higher barriers to entry that protect your margins and increase your sales closing ratios and other key metrics dramatically.  (i.e. Staples who opened stores when everyone was delivering office supplies grew a multi-billion business in a mature industry with one little business model twist). This book is guaranteed to improve your business.

122 Pages 8.5" X 11"        Only  $77.00

Starting a Business - Startup Business Model Design Book For CEOs and Entrepreneurs           Click Here For More Information 
Launching a Startup Book For Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Roadmap To Launching A Startup Company

After your business is designed and differentiated properly you need to launch it. Many people start here, which is usually a disaster that costs lots of extra time and money.  Launching is where the rubber hits the road and requires experience, determination, research, flexibility and teamwork.  Learn how to insure you do them all well and avoid the traps that kill many companies. When do you change based on market feedback and when do you ignore the skeptics? How do you know you are ready to launch and increase your burn rate - after launching time becomes your enemy until you reach profitability. Here is a step-by-step system to launch your business that will save you thousands of dollars in mistakes almost everyone makes and get you to break-even quicker.

127 pages - 8.5" X 11"           Only  $77.00

Starting a Business - Launching a Startup Book For CEOs and Entrepreneurs            Click Here For More Information

Starting a Business - Startup Hiring - Building Management Teams and Executives In Startup Companies For Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Hiring The Best People at Early-Stage Companies

The vast difference between larger companies and early-stage companies requires many different strategies and tactics in hiring, management and leadership style. I have seen startup companies destroyed by a single bad hire because the mistake eats up so much time and money that they never recover. Your first 20 hires in a startup are very critical decisions, and you need a high success rate just to survive.   This is the only book we know of that discusses the differences in hiring that can be life or death in a startup company.  This book not only explores this, but also provides a framework and tools your need to increase your hiring success ratio from the average of less than 50% to over 85%.  It also contains a framework for employee and organizational development that can keep a culture from turning bad, as is common in high growth situations when most employees can not keep up with the growth in terms of their own personal development and growth.  This explains when and how to use, and NOT use, certain management styles.  This book is only about 60 pages, but it contains some of the most valuable information you will ever find on hiring for early-stage companies.

Only $77.00

Starting a Business - Startup Hiring Book For CEOs and Entrepreneurs           Click Here For More Information

Managing Startups For Rapid Growth For CEOs and Entrepreneurs


Managing An Early-Stage Business for Rapid Growth

There are five stages in a company's development and each requires that you manage people, capital, risk, time and all your other resources very differently.  Most managers do not understand how to alter their normal habits and systems to optimize success and growth at each phase of development.  Systems here will help you calibrate and shift gears five times from raw startup to mature company. You cannot possibly manage a small growth company like you would a medium size or larger company and expect to be successful. You would never launch a product for IBM or GE like you would if you were in a startup. With these extremes it is easy to see the need for a different management style for your company, but how many different ways are there to run a company and how do you know when to "shift gears"? This book has everything you need to adjust your management style to your company's stage of development for more rapid growth and success. This means you will get more sales, invest less capital and have lower costs than competitors. You will also lower the risk of failure in many areas of your business, and as a result take on new business with energy and resources that might have gone to fighting fires. You will need this information once you reach over ten employees and the sooner you start the better.

102 pages - 8.5" X 11"            Only $77.00

               Managing Growth For Startups For CEOs and Entrepreneurs       Click Here More Information

Get All Four Books Combined In One Complete Manual!

Design + Launch + Hire + Manage + Bonus Tools CD
If You Buy One Book This Decade This Should Be It!

Starting a business - The Startup Manual For small business CEOs and Entrepreneurs
This manual contains all four of the above books plus bonus material and a CD!   Hundreds of secrets available nowhere else. This is a thick (5.5 pounds) manual filled with  valuable "How To" content and complete systems for success from someone who has "done it" before. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees and not get this much information or impact on your business! - Even if you could find the right consultant who has built several high growth companies before as a CEO.

This manual will take you right from initial idea to a significant company.  It will be a reference manual you will keep near your desk for the rest of your career.  You will learn how to design, launch, hire and manage for rapid growth from a top authority on entrepreneurship who has made over $1 billion for investors in his companies, hired hundreds of people and launched dozens of products.

BONUS: (A $99 Value Alone!) This package also includes our "Art and Science of Business DesignTM" CD-ROM with our proprietary business design tools, taught at our CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp with instructions for using them.  These are also discussed in the books, so you can print various tools for your personal use anytime. Attending this exclusive event costs thousands of dollars but you can get some of this information here as a bonus.

This book is delivered in a 3-ring binder by mail.  You will get free updates to this book for one year electronically, and can even submit a question to Bob by email, which he will answer and may add to future books (without your name or details). This might be the best investment you ever make if you study it and use it to launch and grow your business.  We cannot guarantee your success - after all we don't know you or your business, BUT we can guarantee that if you study and use this information it will dramatically improve your chances of success.  Good Luck!starting a business   

starting a business - The Startup Manual Training Course For CEOs And Entrepreneurs

 Only $197 + S & H

Click Here for More Information

"I must congratulate you on your excellent piece "The 11 Requirements of a Successful Vision".  I am a CEO of a midsized company  with an MBA in marketing.  So far, I have not come across so much clarity in any other article on "Corporate Vision. . . . Thank you once again for publishing a masterpiece."

          -- Uday s Desai, CEO, Suprawin Technologies Ltd

"You have done an incredible job putting this manual together. I finished putting my operating plan together yesterday thanks to your manual and I am amazed at the clarity it brings to the table.  I realized I already had 99% in my mind and on the business plan, but laying it out on an functional format makes a hell of a difference on how to convert all the information sitting in my brain and on the business plan to a tactical format and how I can communicate this massive amount of information to my key executives!.  I believe it converts thoughts and ideas into concrete doable tasks and tactical functions that can easily be deployed. Kudos for a great product!"

             -- Jackie Burgoa, President and CEO, Strategic Planning Associates, Inc.


    CEO & Entrepreneur Training Videos               

A Dozen different DVDs from our exclusive C-Level training programs which are available as a set or individually.

These video cover every business discipline need to take a startup company from $0 to $100 million in revenue including complete frameworks and systems for sales, financing, product development, marketing, hiring, management, employee development and more. . .

                Click Here For More Information

                            Double CD SetsStarting a Business - Raising Capital From Angel Investors CD Course

Secrets of Raising Angel
Financing Seminar CDs

Two audio CDs plus a copy of all the slides of a live seminar by Bob Norton on Raising Angel Financing.

What you need to know to successfully obtain angel financing for your company including preparing your company and finding and closing angel investors. This two hour seminar includes both presentation and a Q & A session from 230 CEO attendees.

  • How to prepare your company for angel financing in virtually every area (idea, team, market research, investor slide presentation and more)

  • What are the 12 top mistakes CEOs and entrepreneurs make when looking for capital?

  • The 11 things NEVER to say to angel investors (bonus report)

  • What needs to be in your presentation, business plan and other messaging to succeed

  • Review of financing sources and the best circumstances to approach each today

  • We will compare and contrast angel, VC and corporate financing sources and when each is appropriate

  • How do you find and approach angels?

  • What do angels look for as indicators of the best deals?

  • What are the market conditions today and how do you adjust to them?

  • What kind of financing terms you can expect plus a discussion on valuation and pricing your stock

  • You will also get a complete resource list of networks of angels and local groups of angels

  • And much, much more!

Only $77 + $5.95 S & H For 2 CD Set with Slides.

Starting a Business -  Bootstrapping CD Course For Startup Companies and Entrepreneurs                Click Here For More Information

Bootstrapping Seminar CDs

Two audio CDs plus a book with a copy of all the slides of a seminar given by Bob Norton on Bootstrapping techniques available nowhere else.

What you need to know to successfully get from raw idea to a fundable or profitable company on minimum cash. You will learn a complete bootstrapping roadmap that will take you from raw idea to a profitable company on minimum cash. This 2-hour audio with over 70 slides will outline the most powerful bootstrapping strategies to maximize your capital efficiency and ownership.

  • Discussion of The Most Powerful Bootstrapping Strategies
  • Adjusting Your Business Model - How bootstrapping made Bill Gates and Michael Dell billionaires
  • Virtual Company Techniques that Keep Your Cash Burn Low AND Still Allows Fast Progress
  • What does it Take to be a Successful Entrepreneur?
  • When and How Can you Plan on Financing
  • Evaluating and Improving Your Idea
  • How to Define and Optimize Your Niche
  • Assembling Your Complete Team with Minimum Cash Investment

Over two hours of lecture and Q & A.  Techniques you will hear nowhere else.
Only $77 + $5.95 S & H For 2 CD Set with Slides.

 Starting a Business -The Bootstrapping Course For CEOs and Entrepreneurs           Click Here For More Information

CEO and ENtrepreneurship Boot Camp Training Seminar

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