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The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp - The Art and Science of Business Design - An intensive program including most of the segments below. Complete information at:

Our program for senior managers contains over 160 videos on business best practices we have collected since 2002. These are guaranteed to enhance a company's growth and market position over time. These are for companies with at least three managers. More information is at

Raising Angel Financing - Raising the First Million or Two

Bootstrapping - How To Get From Raw Idea to a Fundable Company on Minimum Cash

Hiring The Best - Systems For Building Your Team and Finding The Best People

Roadmap to a Successful Vision - Building and Improving Your Corporate Vision

Entrepreneurial Market Research - How To Get 100% Success In Product Launches

Competitive Positioning - Developing effective and useful Competitive Landscape Maps that help you position your company better strategically

Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Marketing For Early-stage Companies

Rapid and Efficient Product and Service Development - How to Get 10X Productivity in PD

Managing The Sales Process For The CEO In Four Hours Per Week

Finance, Financing and Your Financial Plan

Developing Your Team - The Skill Set Matrix, Management Methods That Work Wonders and the Employee Development Ladder

Operations and Customer Service - The Corporate Dashboard

Systems and Secrets For Hiring Sales Winners

Using Professional Services

Taking Your Business To The Next Level - Shifting Management Gears As Your Company Grows

Everybody Needs a Branding Strategy and How To Develop Yours

Our management training, management seminars and executive development programs are for C-Level Executives at early-stage and emerging growth companies that want to grow faster and avoid the most common mistakes.

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