Positioning A Business For Rapid Growth

This seminar provides a complete framework and methodology to positioning a business to protect margins, avoid competition, develop higher barriers to entry and grow any company to the $100 million level. Mr. Norton has built companies that have dominated their markets through superior positioning even when going up against huge entrenched players. He will share his secrets and step-by-step processes to reach new revenue heights.

What You Will Learn How To:

  1. Position a company for minimum competition and maximum pricing power
  2. Develop a risk profile and tune risk out of your model
  3. Develop a more complete vision which will increase your growth rate
  4. Develop a hiring plan
  5. How to develop a messaging and branding plan and strategy.
  6. Evaluate your market and get competitive intelligence from sources few people know about
  7. Test your concept more economically
  8. Enhance your vision
  9. Develop niche strategies that will allow you to win the most sales
  10. And more

What You Will Get:

  • Two hours of non-stop secrets, content and tips
  • A free ebook written by Mr. Norton on Business Design.
  • A book with a hardcopy of all slides and some related articles.
  • A Q & A session with a serial entrepreneur who will answer any question, including things most people won't tell you.

With 24 years as a CEO and experience in 7 startups and two multibillion dollar corporations, Bob can answer most questions on the spot. Refreshments and free parking. Attend this event and the fee can be credited to your registration at the Entrepreneur and CEO Boot Camp: Starting and Running A High Growth Business.

One ebook From the four in the "Secrets of A Serial Entrepreneur" Series
Being Published Soon
A $57 Value 

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This seminar presents a framework and complete plan for designing and positioning a business for faster growth.

The Newton Marriott
Thursday, April 29th
8:30am - 10:30pm

Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO since 1989, who has built two companies to over $100 million in sales. He has also participated in seven startup companies, and worked for two multi-billion dollar corporations.

Who Should Attend
CEOs, Founders, & Entrepreneurs
Vice Presidents & COOs

Senior Executives

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