Our Team

Bob Norton
Founder and President

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C-Level Enterprises is a virtual company that draws upon the expertise of over a dozen professionals as needed which include editors, writers, designers, consultants and others.

Mr. Norton does all mentoring and coaching personally.  He also heads up all projects and usually coordinates the strategy and team efforts himself on projects.

We will assemble teams for some projects and help clients find the help they need in other areas. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions for companies without the overhead of large consulting companies that will need to charge two, three or even four times more to cover their overhead and full-time salaries.

Gordon McWilliams, Senior Consultant

Dashboards, Sales and Marketing

Gordon has spent most of his career either as an entrepreneur or working for/with them. Learning from experience at Apple and Dell Computer as well as the school of hard knocks with several of his own businesses, he’s had many successes and a few “learning opportunities”.  Along the way Gordon acquired a great deal of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t and it has become a passion to share that knowledge and experience with others.

While consulting with companies around the world, Gordon is always looking for ways to help his clients work smart and avoid the mistakes that so often cause businesses to grow slowly or in many cases fade away. Consulting, coaching and working with organizations who are looking to take advantage of any and all opportunities to succeed provide his greatest satisfaction.

Gordon’s background in sales, operations and day to day management has provided the wide breadth of experience to add substantial value to organizations of all categories and sizes.  A willingness to listen and understand a problem before thinking about a solution is key to working with others and is a significant strength. As a lifelong learner, Gordon has always been able to stay ahead of the curve by bringing fresh ideas and new ways to solve old problems.

Gordon resides in Aliso Viejo with his wife Janell and is also passionate about his family, music and golf.

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