Hi Bob,

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the time you took to teach this ole dog new tricks at the seminars last week.  A very significant change for me is the method of thinking that brings the greatest rewards. 

Having been anchored into the details of our industry for the nearly 25 years of my career has taught me how to meet daily objectives.  Although rewarding, over the past year it is my goal to grow much beyond the details and more into the visionary and strategic roles.  The methods you employed to bring things down to earth in steps that no longer seem daunting has allowed me to make great strides in how I view things.  Somehow, I find myself sitting in project meetings now thinking about how the approaches decided there can help us to meet the higher level strategic, visionary and growth objectives.  This is a major step in reaching that 30,000 view.  I must admit however that jumping out of an airplane is to be left to the professionals or the Bob Nortons of the world.J

As we move forward in enhancing our Biotech business sector by a factor of 5, 10 or 15, I look forward to applying in the real world what I have learned over the two days.  The next step for this overachiever is to recognize at all times where help is needed to truly make Mangan THE company others look at in awe.  I look forward to the next opportunity where we might meet and continue down the path of growth and education.


Luc A. Papillon

Mangan Incorporated

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