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Learn a Comprehensive, Integrated System For Designing and Running High Growth Businesses Developed Over the Last 15 years By A Successful CEO and Serial Entrepreneur Who Has Grown Two Businesses From $0 to Over $100 million in Sales and Also Generated Over $1 Billion in Shareholder Value.

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This boot camp helps turn entrepreneurs into more successful CEOs and raise the performance and success level of any CEO, or senior executive, to a world-class level. Over a dozen systems will be taught at this management seminar, crossing all the major business disciplines including sales, marketing, finance, operations and product development. Tools are also taught for strategy, hiring, management, employee development, risk management and corporate vision development.

These systems are the "best of the best" distilled down from 23 years experience and over 1,000 business books and integrated into a system and philosophy that can grow any business into a $100 million entity more quickly and smoothly...


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Lisa Sasso, President Radi Medical Systems, Inc.
Charlie Atkinson, Founder WholeSystems
John, President Angel Data Digital Communications
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Entire Audience Testimonial - Who thinks their business will improve significantly over the next few months as a result of attending the boot camp?

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I am Bob Norton and I


This seminar is designed for CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs who wish to broaden their experience and skills in business by learning a practical framework, with superior methods and approaches to designing and running businesses for high growth and profit. This could be called just a "CEO Boot Camp", but the ones we have seen are so much less, because they are mainly anecdotal, not a complete framework for success.  This is a complete system that teaches you how to design and manage departments for all the major business disciplines. 

This seminar is high level, so you will learn to design departments, and to set up and manage these business functions successfully. You will be taught to use 12 different business design tools that will improve any business, and well as many shortcuts that will save you thousands of dollars. This is not just a list of things you need to learn or do, but a series of proven methods and systems compiled from decades of experience, plus the best ideas from over 1,000 business books. Mr. Norton has been documenting these systems for the last fourteen months now and they are only available here.

This seminar is an investment in your abilities and skills that will last a lifetime and can literally generate millions in extra profits for you and/or your company. If you are a CEO, or want to be a CEO, or a General Manager, of a significant business, or if you are thinking of launching a company, we believe this will be the best investment you ever make.  You will learn practical "How To" techniques that will build any business faster and more profitably.  This two day seminar will also help you design, launch and improve new products and businesses by broadening your executive skills and becoming more fluent in the business areas you are not expert in today.

Bob is one of those rare people who can rub two sticks together and create a company. -- Senior Partner, Charles River Ventures

                --  Senior Partner, Charles River Ventures

Here are some of the tools and systems you will learn:

  1. Designing and positioning a business for sustainable competitive advantage

  2. Optimizing your business model for minimum risk and capital investment

  3. Defining the exact skills you need and selecting your management team and other employees and interviewing for skills you do not have yourself

  4. Raising capital in any market from the best sources

  5. Developing a marketing, communications and messaging plan and department that is accountable to a return on investment

  6. Designing and positioning your brand

  7. Developing and validating a better vision and business plan that works in the real world and attracts and excites investors, employees and customers

  8. Planning, designing and managing a sales department and selecting strategies, tactics and channels that will work for your business

  9. Hiring the best people in every area and understanding the personality types that work best in each discipline

  10. Designing a "Dashboard" for running your business that will give you more distant vision and focus employees on key objectives

"In building First Call Corporation, Bob Norton, was my secret weapon in getting a really audacious job done not only on time and under budget, but done so well that it revolutionized how equity sales was done on Wall Street. His abilities to understand complex requirements, to synthesize elegant solutions, and then to manage a team to get it done, are still the best I've ever seen." -- Jim Rutt - ex-CEO Network Solutions, The Internet Registration Company

-- Jim Rutt - ex-CEO Network Solutions, The Internet Registration Company

You will learn how to define and select a management team that can be successful.  This seminar will broaden any senior executive's business knowledge, far beyond their typical day-to-day specialty, and their past career track, to prepare them to move up, or run any organization.  The Art and Science of Business Design will give you a roadmap to becoming a world-class executive and/or CEO.  Only experienced managers and entrepreneurs will be admitted, as this is an advanced, content packed and fast moving course designed for people who already have management experience. You will also do workshops actually designing businesses with guidance and help from experts.

Executives in larger organizations will learn to inject Intrapreneurial spirit into their organizations and improve results.  All sessions are taught by experts who have "done it before".  Robert Norton, founder of C-Level Enterprises will teach most sessions in their entirety with four other expert speakers and guest speakers during lunch.  Mr. Norton is a serial entrepreneur that has launched over a dozen products and businesses successfully, as well as learned how to avoid many business missteps through a systematic business design approach he developed over the last 15 years.

The wisdom of close to 1,000 business books is distilled down to the best ideas that work together in an integrated system.  This is a highly pragmatic "How To" course that will give you a framework and all the tools you need to start and run a business. This is not just a seminar consisting of many industry luminaries, panels and CEOs waxing poetic on their past successes, or spinning entertaining anecdotes.  These are valuable and fun too, but they do not present a unified and integrated framework for starting and running a business. This structured framework can be used to evaluate, design, improve and launch businesses in any industry. Typically these lessons are not taught, but learned through long, hard and expensive experience.

This System Has Never Been Offered Anywhere Before! 

Early Registration:  $1,495
Regular Registration: $1,695
Special Rate for two people registering together: $1,195 each
Third Person for company, Non-Profit or MBA Student (with 3 years management exp.): $995.


So if you have read all this and are not totally convinced that Bob Norton and the C-Level Bootcamp can improve your chances of growing a successful business DRAMATICALLY, and that this event is not worth many times the price, then you may not be the kind of person who could benefit from this information. So thanks for stopping by and we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors! If you know any entrepreneurs and CEOs who could use this information please send them a link to this page by copying and pasting it into an email. They will thank you for this later.

Best of Success,

Bob Norton


P.S.- No matter how long you look you will not find this kind of information in one place anywhere else, not to mention from a CEO who has done it before.

Notes: Due to limited seating, seats are only reserved after full payment is received.  Cancellation policy: Full refund minus 10% processing fee with 21 days notice. After that registrants may transfer to another seminar date.
Attendance is a license and attendees will be required to agree to be on video tape and to not copy or distribute the copyrighted material in any way.

Buy the startup manual as a startup guide for entrepreneurs, business startups and startup business plans.