Hiring Wisdom
Collected From Many Sources
A Work in Progress of Hiring Wisdom

John F. Welch Jr., CEO of General Electric, identifies four types of managers: 1) People who deliver on commitments and share the new values—retain and reward these people; 2) People who don't meet commitments and don't share the new values—these people must go; 3) People who sometimes fail to meet their commitments, but who share the values—give them a second chance; 4) People who meet commitments but don't share the values—they must change or go, because their results aren't worth the price.

Southwest Airlines has been successful hiring by the smile.

Power vs. Powerlessness
Powerless Empowered
Create bureaucracy Do the right thing
Are insecure Are self-confident
See "them and us" See "we"
Focus on task Focus on result
Follow rules Take risks
CYA (cover your assets)  
See win/loss issues See win/win issues

Hire consultants for skills. Hire senior people for attitude and ability. Hire the right personality for the job at hand. Never Rush A Hire and Settle.

. . . . Bob Norton

If you have the right people on the bus you do not have to worry about motivation.

. . . Good To Great

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