March 3rd and 4th - Westin Hotel   - Waltham, MA           



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Included With Every Registration:

  1. Full breakfast, lunch and snacks included both days

  2. Free Parking

  3. Full 300+ Page
    Reference Manual

  4. One free hour of custom consulting using the tools*

  5. One eBook

  6. "Master of Business Acceleration" graduation certificate (suitable for framing)

  7. Right to attend anytime again at half price


CD-ROM with all tools. A $499 Value.


* Conditions may apply


Here is the discount offer details for "The CEO Place" members for the CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp I talked about at this morning's meeting.
Cut years off your learning curve by learning from others who have "done it".

Hello Fellow CEOs:

We can not handle this special discount with our online registration system, because it is only being offered to the CEO Group members.  So please FAX your registration in to: +1 (801) 672-9640 or call (508) 381-1450 to register online.  To save $400 and sign up for event for only $1,100 we need to have these in by Wednesday 4/28. After that the 15% discount price will become $1,270, because we can only save on extra marketing expenses before that date.  We would appreciate you forwarding this link, which you can copy and paste into any email: You can read below for the highlights or go to this page now for more complete information.

This is a great way to add to your CEO skills portfolio and develop your senior executives. You pay the fee and they contribute the weekend days.

For those of you who did not make it to today's' meeting we are offering an extra 15% off and a full 30 day 100% money back guarantee to only to CEO Place members. We do not expect the ROI from attending this to be 50%, or 100% BUT 1000%+ because these systems and decisions will have such a large impact on your business and leverage.

Hope to see you there -- Bob Norton

Join Bob Norton, a serial entrepreneur who has grown two businesses to over $100 million in sales, and made over $1  billion for investors.  This is an intense two-day Boot Camp filled with 312 secrets on starting and running companies for fast growth that teaches you how to grow a business from raw idea to a $100 million enterprise.

Learn to greatly improve your strategy, vision, design, and management skills using a complete system developed over 15 years as a CEO incorporating some of the best ideas from 1,000 business books. You will learn to use 11 proprietary tools that will radically improve any business in any industry.

Nothing ever fully prepares you for stepping into the role of a CEO or Entrepreneur. The Art and Science of Business Design details how to design, plan and manage each of any enterprise's key disciplines - Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operation and Product Development.  As a CEO and Entrepreneur you need to know how these departments interact and even compete. You need to know how to recruit, hire, motivate and manage the best people in each discipline. You must also know how to get them to work together so that everybody is on the same page.

In "The Art and Science of Business Design" you will learn to:

  1. Design and position a business for more sustainable competitive advantage and higher barriers to entry.

  2. Optimize your business model for minimum risk and capital investment.

  3. Better define the exact skills you need on your team and learn how to select people and interview for skills you do not have yourself.

  4. Raise capital in any market from the best sources without giving the company away.

  5. Inject entrepreneurial spirit into ANY organization, large or small, and improve product development productivity by a factor of FIVE times the average or more.

  6. Develop a marketing, communications and messaging plan, and a marketing department, that is accountable to a return on investment.

  7. Develop and improve your corporate vision to better attract investors, employees and customers.

  8. Plan, design and manage a sales department and select strategies, tactics and channels that will work for your business.

  9. Hire the best people in every area and understand what personality types work best in each business area to create superior results.

  10. Adjust your management style, risk, appetite and executive decisions based on your company's stage of development as it grows from a raw startup to a significant business.

  11. Manage employees and develop them into more valuable assets for your company's benefit and theirs.

  12. And much, much more than we can list here.


If you are an entrepreneur intent on growing your business to $50 million or more in sales, you really can't afford to miss this unique event.


Admission includes:

  • A sure-fire business and career-booster that is not available anywhere else. The skills developed in this seminar will allow managers to move up in any organization

  • A complete system that will bring high-growth to any business

  • More cutting edge, how-to content than you'll find in some 3 to 5 day seminars

  • Reference materials you'll use over and over again, including a complete 350+ page manual that includes all the slides, handouts and tools presented in the seminar

  • A CD-ROM containing the key tools, forms and templates that could save thousands of dollars in expenses

  • Each attendee will receive one hour of consulting from our President and Founder, Bob Norton, at our offices in Milford Massachusetts. This is a $400 value

  • An e-book from our "Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur Series". Four titles all written by Mr. Norton-  even more will be available shortly

  • Breakfast, lunch and snack break both days

  • A 100% money-back guarantee (see web site for details) - 30-days for CEO Place members

  • Free parking


If you have questions about this event, or problems registering, please contact us at (508) 381-1450 or by email at

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