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American Boxer Charitable Foundation American Boxer Club (USA)

Bell, Shirley (Canada) NOBC Bellcrest Boxers Perm. Reg.

The Boxer: Dog Owner's Guide

Boxer Rescue Canada

Curl, Mary L. Shadowdale Boxers Perm Reg. (Canada)

Elward, Patrick & Juliann: Fred's Page (USA)

German Boxer-Klub (Germany)

Hochhalter, Deb (USA) Moonshadow Boxers

Lindbland, Niklus: BoxerKennels, Yellow N Stripe's (Sweden)

Nevius, Kathryn - Minstrel Boxers

Newcastle Boxers

Norwegian Kennel Playmate Boxers

Silas' Page - A Very Special Rescue Boy

Vickers, Darlene - Darvick Boxers

Canine Related Pages

American Kennel Club

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Breed Rescue Organizations

Canine Good Citizen

ChloeCards - Home of the Pet Driver's License, and more

Click & Treat, Gary Wilkes

Clicker Training, "don't Shoot the Dog," Karen Pryor

Complete List of Dog-Related E-Mail Lists

Cool Dog Site of the Day

Cool Pet Stuff

Council of Docked Breeds

Critter Chat: Dedicated to the health, Welfare, and happiness of our pets

Critter Haven, The Caring Place

Crufts 1997 (UK)

Cyber Pets

Dog Play Clicker Training

Dog Week

Doggie Diamonds - Exclusive Custom Made Products for the Dog Lover

Doggie Christmas Carols

Dog Owner's Guide

Dog Zone

(DVM) Pet Insurance

Esquivel & Fees Craftsmen - Great Jewelery for Pet Lovers

Flea and Tic FAQ

Hot Diggity Dog

Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre - Alternative Treatments

Kongs, Great Toys for Dogs

Net Vet: Veterinary Resources

Pet Crests

The Pet Loss Grief Support Page & Candle Ceremony

Pets in Need

Pets Welcome - A Must for Traveling with your Pets

Rainbow Bridge

rec.pets.dogs FAQ Homepage

The Senior Dogs Project

SKS Originals - - Canine Sculpture

Spay/Neuter Ring

Super Dog - Pet Dog Training

Three Dog Bakery

WOLF PACKS´┐Ż - Assistance Dog Equipment

Virtual Dog Show

Virtual Library of Veterinary Medicine