Don't Give Up Your Equity Or Your Cash Flow!
Learn Startup Bootstrapping Secrets From A Serial Entrepreneur And 15 Year CEO  Who Has Bootstrapped Eight Startups

The current capital environment is about as tight as it has ever been. The bar is higher for raising both angel and venture capital of any kind. MUCH HIGHER! Outside investors expect you to get further on friends and family money, much further, before even considering investing. In the past you could get a "Series A" financing from venture capitalist to raise money for product development. Today this is very rare and fewer VCs are investing in pre-revenue companies (outside of biotech). This CD/slide set is a complete bootstrapping roadmap that will take you from raw idea to a profitable company on minimum cash. This  2-hour audio has over 70 slides and will outline the most powerful bootstrapping strategies to maximize your capital efficiency and ownership.

You will learn:

  • The most powerful bootstrapping strategies to leverage your position, assets and get to revenue faster

  • How to adjust your business model for maximum impact

  • Virtual company techniques that can keep your burn rate low

  • When and how can you plan on getting financing in today's tougher funding environment


This tape set is a live seminar given to entrepreneurs in Boston. It is not just filled with hints and tips, but provides a complete roadmap of the phases you should go through to get from raw idea to a profitable company on minimum cash. This audio and slide set is not the product of a research/academic author, but is practical "DONE IT BEFORE" information from decades of hands-on experience from a successful serial entrepreneur.

"In building First Call Corporation, Bob Norton, was my secret weapon in getting a really audacious job done, not only on time and under budget, but done so well that it revolutionized how equity sales was done on Wall Street. His abilities to understand complex requirements, to synthesize elegant solutions, and then to manage a team to get it done, are still the best I've ever seen."
     -- Jim Rutt - ex-CEO Network Solutions, The Internet Registration Company

What You Will Learn:

  • Discussion of The Most Powerful Bootstrapping Strategies - Ways to leverage your position, assets and get to revenue faster
  • Adjusting Your Business Model - Minor changes can make huge difference. Here is the list to go through to optimize. This is how Michael Dell and Bill Gates became billionaires.
  • Virtual Company Techniques - How to build more value without paying salaries for experts you need. Keeping your burn rate low as long as possible while learning and flushing out risks.
  • What does it take to be a Successful Entrepreneur - Here are the things you need to emulate for best results. These philosophies are common to most successful serial entrepreneurs and you can learn them!
  • When and How Can you Plan on Financing - The bar for getting financed is higher. Here is the benchmark of where you need to get to before wasting your time chasing investors, and ways to never need any investors. How do you know when you should pay for something and when you should not. Here are some guidelines.
  • Evaluating and Improving Your Idea - What to do to make your company seem more developed and mature. Many companies will not buy products from startup entities. How do you get over this catch-22?
  • How to Define and Optimize Your Niche - Get there faster by focusing and picking the lowest fruit first. Here's how.
  • Assembling your Team - A system for ensuring maximum team selection. Most entrepreneurs ignore key factors here.

This two hours is packed with ideas that will help you spend less and create more value at the same time. It will teach you to act like the best and most successful startups of the past and use techniques that have allowed many to survive where most fail. Learn all the bootstrapping tricks collected over Bob's 23 year career. A single idea on this tape could save you thousands of dollars and there are over 70 slides of ideas and information. Most of it available nowhere else.

"Having been there and done that Bob knows exactly what needs to be done to grow a company and that is a powerful message."
         -- John Facella - Founder The CEO Group and Experienced CEO

You will even learn market positioning and competitive intelligence techniques that will increase your ability to close your first customers by an order of magnitude.

Bob is one of those rare people who can rub two sticks together and create a company.               
         --  Senior Partner, Charles River Ventures

Few people who have lived through the struggle of many startups have written materials. You can find books by, academics, authors and researchers who have studied it - Or you can take the guidance and advice of someone who has actually DONE IT eight times. This is in audio because we know you are busy. You can listen to this in your car a couple of times without taking extra time when time is what you have least of right now.

Bootstrapping has made many people very wealthy and allowed them to retain control and build their companies. The fact is it always takes longer and costs more to start your company than you think it will and so you always have to bootstrap. Even if a company has $10 million in startup capital it should use all these bootstrapping techniques. Many companies have been ruined by having too much money. Launching a startup company is probably the biggest challenge you will ever take on. It is risky, expensive and the fact is that more than 90% of companies will not survive. One of the biggest reasons is that entrepreneurs do not get enough help and guidance from people who have done it before. I have consulted and mentored many entrepreneurs and also experienced CEOs . After eight startups I have seen it all and have been able to save and make people millions. In fact investors in my companies have made over $1 billion (yes with a "B") just during the time I was there full-time. This happens because we used less capital and made our first investors and the management team far more money, because we did not have to keep raising money again and again as many growing companies do.

100% Money Back GuaranteeStarting a Business

If you decide this audio set is not for you we will refund your money 100%. All we ask is that you tell us why so we can adjust our products to save us and others later this kind of aggravation. There is no further obligation and your credit card will be credited back within one business day.

There is no doubt you are spending more money and/or making less progress with your company today than you will after you have heard this program. This information is literally available nowhere else. Bob has read over 1,000 business books and collected the best ideas from them and his own 20 years of experience  to integrate into our C-Level training programs. He also has developed and runs the premier CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp in the U.S. today. Who better to learn from than that?

“The best CEOs require 8 weeks to get up to speed on a new company and market. Bob did it in less than six weeks so our portfolio company could be repositioned quickly and effectively.”   -- Senior Partner, Venture Capital Firm

Free Bonus Gift #1 (A $29 Value) - The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles - A classic book on removing the personal barriers you have to achieving great financial success and extreme wealth.

Free Bonus Gift #2 (A $249/year Value) - A FREE eZine Subscription to "The C-Level Advisor" is easily worth hundreds of dollars, but you get it free. Someday we may start charging, as this information can be priceless and save you many thousands of dollars in aggravation, time and mistakes and also drive your sales faster. You will get free excerpts from upcoming seminars, books, tapes and other products for CEOs and entrepreneurs before anyone else does. 

Information and constant learning is the most valuable thing today. Experience can be hard won, or you can benefit from the mistakes and successes of others. Either way the people who leverage others' experiences, use mentors and listen more than they talk are always more successful at starting companies. I have heard venture capitalists say they want to invest in people that are "Learning Machines" - This might be the best advice ever. As long as you keep learning you will increase your value and you company's value.

Best of Success,

Bob Norton

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