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C-Level Enterprises, Inc. provides products that are unique, practical and proprietary. They are  all based on Mr. Norton's personal experience and philosophies working in eight different startup companies over about 25 years. 

Mr. Robert Norton, President and CEO of C-Level Enterprises, has over 15 years as full-time President and CEO of numerous very successful companies. Two grew to over $100 million in annual sales while Mr. Norton was there and one grew from $0 to over $1 billion in revenue today. His experience spans all key disciplines needed to start, grow and exit businesses in several industries. He can provide a breath of experience and perspective across all disciplines that only experienced CEOs can.

Our products are designed to provide entrepreneurs and experienced CEOs with information generally available only through high priced consulting. This level of information is available from very few people who have many years experience as a CEO. We provide this at very low price points, compared to the hundreds of dollars an hour these people must charge. Our products provide this expertise more broadly in a "do-it-yourself" format including books, audio tapes and DVDs. These are all designed for certain life-cycle challenges that virtually most companies encounter during their growth, yet more often than not, struggle with for years to overcome.

Mr. Norton consults and develops and improves visions for that want to grow into large companies. Typical clients are $0 to $25 million and want to grow to $100 million plus as rapidly as possible.

In 2003 Mr. Norton decided to devote full-time to developing the business with the mission of helping other CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior executives with coaching, mentoring and whatever else they needed to succeed. The idea was to leverage Mr. Norton's 25+ years experience as a serial entrepreneur and as a CEO over the last 15 years, to help companies develop and grow more rapidly and avoid the myriad pitfalls associated with starting a company and growing it to significant size.

We work exclusively with founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior executives who have the scope and vision to impact the corporation as a whole.  We coach mentor and advise senior management and act as a sounding board and independent advisor.

In addition to Mr. Norton we have a team of about 20 people, most of whom we have worked with for years, with over 350 years of collective experience across all the major disciplines.  These experts are called in as needed to help any client break through challenges and grow.

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Mission Statement

C-Level Enterprises will help thousands of companies grow and succeed by providing unique and valuable products and services that help CEOs, entrepreneurs and other C-Level executives become world-class executives more quickly. We provide highly creative business products, solutions and advice that only a seasoned, "done it before" CEO can.

We will help our customers avoid expensive and common mistakes, and drive their sales growth faster using our proprietary business design and optimization systems and expertise.  Our founder's 25 years experience as a serial entrepreneur, and 15 years as a CEO, allows us to create products that are available nowhere else, or only through very high priced consulting.

We will provide highly cost effective products using eBooks, audiotapes and videotapes, as well as services like seminars that provide value easily 100 to 1,000 times their cost.  One-on-one consulting will be provided, on a limited basis, for more customized help, mentoring and advice specific to a company's exact situation.  

We help solve problems and find and develop new business opportunities that require a scope of experience that only a very experienced CEO can claim. We help position clients for sustainable competitive advantage and improve their business models through experience and creative business design and improved visions.


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