The focus program for emerging entrepreneurs

Figuring Out Your Entrepreneurial Profile

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Know YOUR Entrepreneurial SELF and Choose the Business Path That is Right for YOU!

When you use The Focus Program you will be amazed at the personal and business insight you will gain because getting to know YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL SELF before investing in a business provides a far greater chance of finding the right FIT between YOU and your chosen venture.     

The Focus Program will help you:

  • Define your entrepreneurial TYPE

  • Create your Personal Entrepreneurial Portrait

  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls that cause failure

  • Overcome the fear factor faced by ALL new entrepreneurs

  • Relate your personality to the right path of self-employment

  • Understand your entrepreneurial self BEFORE you take the leap


Two questions haunt all prospective entrepreneurs.

“Should I really be in business for myself? And if so, what type of business should it be?”
Sound familiar? If so, you also know that there is no real help available to assist you in answering those questions. Not help focused just on YOUR needs.
Well, there is now…

The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a self-study course consisting of six modules plus a special section with “case studies” that help summarize the information and concepts in the various modules. The interactive CD Rom has a total listening time of about three hours, but it should be used “module by module” as you listen, respond with answers to various questions asked, stop, gain insight, and return for another module. Because the program allows you to take notes and record your insights on your computer as you study, maximum value is gained over time. It would not be uncommon for a person to review to the materials for a number of weeks as they move toward final entrepreneurial decisions.
The modules are titled:
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Entrepreneurial Types
  3. Pathways to Ownership
  4. Aptitudes
  5. Franchising
  6. Planning Guides and Summary
  7. In addition, there are several case studies that help better explain and bring the various concepts to life.

"The Focus Program provided a framework for looking thoroughly and objectively at how we matched up in relation to various entrepreneurial paths and opportunities. It helped us see how our individual skills, experiences and interests complemented and reinforced each other and how we could combine them to achieve success in an exciting and fun new venture."
Dan and Jeanette Stanowick Cleveland , Ohio

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can return this product for a full refund within 30 days for any reason. Just tell us why it was not for you, so we can try to avoid this in the future, and we will gladly credit your account for the full amount.

Free Bonus Gift #1
(A $29 Value)
- Included in the CD is a workbook designed to help you create your own PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PORTRAIT. The completely unique process used to help you understand yourself will reduce the “fear factor” associated with starting a new venture and give you the confidence needed to move ahead with AUTHORITY.

Free Bonus Gift #2
(A $49 Value)
- Included on the CD will be a program to demystify the world of franchising, and teach you how to evaluate any franchise offering as you move through the process of “due diligence”.

Free Bonus Gift #3
(A $29 Value)
- The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles - A classic book on removing the personal barriers you have to achieving great financial success and extreme wealth.

Free Bonus Gift #4
(A $249/year Value)
- A FREE eZine Subscription to "The C-Level Advisor" is easily worth hundreds of dollars, but you get it free. Someday we may start charging, as this information can be priceless and save you many thousands of dollars in aggravation, time and mistakes and also drive your sales faster. You will get free excerpts from upcoming seminars, books, tapes and other products for CEOs and entrepreneurs before anyone else does.

Only $57


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