Market Research
The Right Way For Startups And New Products

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Learn How Market Research Will Steer Your Enterprise To Success - Developed By Ralph Grabowski

Learn new market research concepts that will help your company design ONLY those products and services that deliver the benefits that customers will pay for. This 2 hour DVD will show you the proven methods to validate your startup's market and steer your efforts in the right direction.

The Market Research DVD takes you through the process of understanding the methods, processes and tools to conduct market research that will help steer your startup towards success. Before you launch a new product or service, or even a new company, you need to gather the facts and validate your market before you make costly commitments. This DVD will help you allocate your valuable resources to understand customer needs, buyer behavior and the competition before you actually  launch your new product or service.

Buy the DVD - Market Research: The Right Way For Startups and New Products

"Your evidence of the relationship between Market Research and success is right on!" 
- Michael Dell, Founder & CEO, Dell Computer."

What You Will Learn:
  • 11 steps to market research heaven
  • The ideal ratio of front-end market research investment vs. product development. What is the right ratio for your company and stage of development?
  • How to validate the size of your market segment from the bottom up as opposed to top down. Quantifying the number of potential customers through rigorous primary market research.
  • Understand the investment model, projected payback and when to ramp up staffing
Included are two case studies plus data showing the correlation to success of various market research investment ratios.
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Buy the DVD - Market Research: The Right Way For Startups and New Products


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