Branding Strategy For Startups and Early Stage Companies
Leveraging 10 Million Years of Evolution


Only $127.95


Here is a step-by-step system to develop your brand and avoid a $5,000 to $30,000 fee from an expert by doing it yourself, and doing it better. Every company needs branding, but few executives know what that really means, so few can do it right.

 Even those who understand the concept often fail to leverage that knowledge correctly or adequately. Mistakes are costly, and worse, can actually stall growth. 

Building a brand is something every early-stage company must do and you need a roadmap to do it properly. Branding can help you penetrate a market and become the “go to company” for a particular segment of that market. It can improve the efficiency of every dollar you spend in sales and marketing, creating long-term value that otherwise would

The human mind has evolved for 10 million years to be optimized to remember and interact with people. This is why every company needs to have a “human personality” that can be easily remembered and positioned in the human mind. As a result every customer interaction and marketing action can build brand equity for years – this extra part costs nothing and creates huge value over time.  

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