Managing Growth In Early Stage Companies
Special Management Strategies and Systems Needed For High Growth Situations

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Early-stage companies can grow at 100% per month or quarter. This is a huge percentage of growth and creates special problems not typically encountered in larger companies.

Adding 5 people is not a big deal at a larger company, but in small companies it may be 33% growth. There are very different ways to manage and control growth and culture in this rapidly changing environment. Founder and management talent and philosophies are quickly diluted and stresses can cause major problems with vendors, customers and employees. The culture must be proactively managed using these systems and philosophies.

This program provides systems and wisdom from the trenches of rapidly growing companies. The framework provided shows you how to manage your company differently as you shift gears through the five stages of corporate development from a raw startup in a garage to a multi-million-dollar company. It provides a complete employee development ladder to help the best people grow, and manage those who cannot keep up. It gives you benchmarks and systems for evolving ahead of the curve instead of breaking under the stress. . In a rapid growth situation the people originally hired can rarely keep up their own personal development and growth as fast as the company grows. They were also mainly hired for their hands on skills to “do” and may not be able to step into the management, or executive level roles that are quickly created in this environment.

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Bob once grew one company from ten people to $156 million in revenue, with hundreds of new employees, in only about one year after the product was released. Before that he had gone from $0 to $100 million over about 5 years at another company, where he developed many elements of this system and has since refined and documented it.

"A rapidly growing company can easily self destruct like the wheels falling off a wagon. Special management techniques and strategies must be used to hold the company and culture together. You will see an example of a $60 million company that was driven into to bankruptcy by a single press release."
Bob Norton, CEO of C-Level Enterprises

You Will Learn How To:
  • How to see and break through invisible barriers you don’t even know exist till you hit them
  • Avoiding the most common entrepreneurial mistakes
  • Benchmarks and goals for each stage of development
  • Handling cultural issues, as “entrepreneurship” evolves into “professional management”
  • Handling compensation programs and problems
  • Managing the most common risks during fast growth in finances, operations and culture
  • Why and how to communicate what information to the employees and what NOT to
  • How to maintain the advantages of true entrepreneurship as long as possible

Wayne Gretzky was asked why he is such a great hockey player. He replied that “while most hockey players go where the hockey puck is, I always goes where the puck will be”.

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Best of Success,
Bob Norton

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