Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Marketing
Entering New Markets Successfully For Entrepreneurial Companies and Small Businesses


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Find out how to carve out your niche and develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): how to avoid direct competition with larger companies and do better competitive intelligence and how to do market research and understand your market, competition, key success factors and your target customer far better.

Today your market entry strategy MUST be very different than your long-term strategy and market position, plan and objectives.

Traditional marketing executives need this crash course to survive in a small company environment because the rules have changed. What worked ten years ago will not work today. This collection of wisdom takes those changes into account. It’s guaranteed to improve your company’s sales, growth and profits radically. You will want to quickly implement dozens of ideas that will fine-tune your marketing focus and generate more results with less investment.

  Marketing new products and services is radically different than even a decade ago—it can be much harder to claim your market share.  Remarkable and rapid changes in the business environment mean that you must design your marketing strategy with more diligence, care and knowledge than ever before.

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“Every CEO, entrepreneur and senior executive needs to learn to use these tools, even though they may not know it, they will radically improve any business in short order.”
Bob Norton, CEO of C-Level Enterprises

You Will Learn How To:
  • Deliver to anyone the key information on your company so they clearly understand and absorb it
  • Break through advertising and promotion clutter
  • Develop a system for evaluating different marketing channels
  • Minimize capital usage and avoid competition and attention from big players
  • Create and weight your marketing budget among different strategies and channels
  • Determine if you need a full-time marketing staff, and if so, how many? Many early-stage companies do not need one and don’t know it!
  • Find out if and when you have enough market research
  • Create competitive intelligence strategies that give you competitive advantage

Wayne Gretzky was asked why he is such a great hockey player. He replied that “while most hockey players go where the hockey puck is, I always goes where the puck will be”.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days

You can return this manual for a full refund within 30 days for any reason. Just tell us why it was not for you so we can try to avoid this in the future and we will gladly credit your account for the full amount.

Free Bonus Gift #1 - TWO FREE BONUS VIDEOS: Roadmap to a Successful Vision and Branding Strategy included on same DVD.  Every CEO and executive team needs to use this system – but most don’t know it. This system alone could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping improve your business model and flush risk out of it.

Free Bonus Gift #2
- Free question answered by email - Value: $100-$200.
You will be able to email any single question to Bob Norton directly and get his answer back. Bob charges hundreds of dollars per hour to guide entrepreneurs, so this alone could be worth more than the cost of the book. We are doing this because we want to add more common questions and answers to the manual over time.

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Best of Success,
Bob Norton

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