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The Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur TM Series

With Systems, Tools, Ideas and Information Available Nowhere Else.
All were written by a 15 year CEO who has launched eight startups, grown two companies to over $100 million in sales and earned investors over $1 billion.







The Startup Manual
Grow your startup business using proven methods developed by a highly successful serial entrepreneur over the last 15 years.

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This manual will take you right from initial idea to a significant company and be a reference manual you keep near your desk for the rest of your career. You will learn new ways to design, launch, hire and manage for rapid growth from a top authority on entrepreneurship who has twice grown a startup to over $100 million in sales.


Designing A Startup For Rapid Growth
Design your startup for rapid growth to ensure both the short and long term success of your company.
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Learn the disciplines of business model design and optimizing that few people know about from a serial entrepreneur and 15 year CEO who has launched eight startup companies.


Roadmap To Launching A Startup Company
Launch your startup using a framework for optimizing your businesses launch and market entry strategy.
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Learn to avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make in launching early-stage companies.




Secrets To Hiring The Best People
Here are the proven hiring secrets specific to startups and high growth situations from a serial entrepreneur who has hired over 1,000 people for his companies.
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Your hiring will determine 95% of your startup's success. Learn to hire a superior management team, sales people, improve your employee's development and to figure out the skills you need better, while avoiding the hiring mistakes that have killed many companies.




Managing An Early Stage Business For Rapid Growth
Proven systems for managing a company in "startup mode" and high growth rates. System to help know When to "shift gears" through the five stages of corporate development.
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If you have not grown a business rapidly from $0 to $100 million in sales, do you think it might help having a proven system from someone who has? This book is invaluable to any company that is ready to scale its business.





Secrets Of Raising Angel Financing
A set of two CDs plus all the presentation slides. Learn how to raise angel financing in today's market conditions from a serial entrepreneur who has raised over $40 million in venture capital and angel financing. The rules are NEW, the bar is higher - you need to understand what angels want to see today to invest.
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You will learn what angels are looking for as indicators of the best deals and what you need to do to prepare your company. This is not just hints and tips on finding angels, but contains a complete roadmap to be successful raising money from angels in this tougher environment for capital.


If you are launching a startup business you need to learn these bootstrapping secrets from a serial entrepreneur who has launched eight startups and grown two to over $100 million in sales.
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Every startup business needs to bootstrap - all the time! Without bootstrapping you will not be able to maximize your ownership, optimize your virtuous financial circle and maybe not even survive. Bootstrapping makes your business better because necessity is the mother of invention.


Mr. Norton, author and President of C-Level Enterprises, is a leading authority on startups and growing them rapidly.  Few authors understand the drastic differences in management styles, and other methodologies, that must be used through the five stages of a company's development from startup to mature company. Even fewer authors can claim to have "done it" multiple times as a CEO.

Mr. Norton has appeared on CNBC, Good Morning America and many other regional and national media and provides advice and mentoring to entrepreneurs and CEOs through 1:1 consulting, speaking, writing and seminars.

Mr. Norton also runs the premier CEO and Entrepreneur and CEO Boot Camp and frequently speaks at corporations, associations, and universities.

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