Letter of Agreement For Consulting Services
Date: ________________

  This letter will confirm our agreement for C-Level Enterprises, Inc. (the “Company”) to provide professional consulting services to __________________________________________ (“Client”) to help improve client’s business.  The initial project will go for a minimum of _______ full day(s) at a rate of ________ per hour or $_____________ per day (the “discount rate”).  After 20 hours work the discount rate will be discounted by 15%.  The minimum project, except, as noted below from our web site, is $1,500.  A retainer of $1,500 is required to begin work and will be kept on deposit to be credited against the final bill only.  OR   I have selected a flat rate project on your web site called: ___________________________________ and will pay a flat fee of $___________________ with 50% in advance and 50% upon delivery, understand no work will become Client’s property until after full payment. The basic consulting rate for Mr. Norton is $250 per hour, or $2,500 per full day, with a minimum of 4 hours, for any other project work done on request.  Professional services that exceed the planned amount and any expenses are invoiced monthly and will include any direct expenses at cost including travel and materials.  Oral estimates will be given for any significant additional projects defined by the Client before proceeding.  Any additional invoices, beyond the planned payments, are payable within five business days of receipt.  Nothing shall be deemed to change this agreement except a written agreement signed by both parties. This engagement letter shall be governed according to the laws of the State of Massachusetts.  You agree to not hold Robert Norton liable for any advice or services rendered and that such advice and services are rendered at your risk.  You also agree to be personally responsible, and to pay any and all legal fees incurred to collect any amount due under this agreement plus eighteen percent, or the maximum interest allowable by law for any amount more than 30 days overdue.  In addition any time Mr. Norton spends collecting this debt will be logged and billed at the above basic consulting rate, which will also retroactively apply for all past billings in the case of any unpaid amounts. In other words the discount rate will not apply for any past work unless all bill are paid on time. Client information will be kept confidential, with the exception of the name of the company and any information already publicly available about the Client.  Please indicate your agreement by counter-signing this letter and faxing it back to (801) 672-9640. Sincerely, Robert Norton, President Company: _______________________________________________________ Name:__________________________________  Address:___________________________________ City, State, Zip: _____________________________________ Authorized Officer for Client:        ____________________________          

Title: _________________________  _______________________________________________________          Personal Signature (with no title) required for companies with revenue under $500,000/year
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