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The Startup Manual
The Startup manual is a startup guide for entrepreneurs, business startups and startup business plans.

Buy the startup manual as a startup guide for entrepreneurs, business startups and startup business plans.

You Only Get One Chance To Start Your Company
Do it Right with the Startup Manual

Entrepreneurs fail because they do not leverage the knowledge of others who have done it before. Here is a complete roadmap for growing your company from a serial entrepreneur and 15 year CEO who has launched eight companies, grown two to over $100 million, and raised over $40 million in investor financing.

This 250 page binder and CD set will show you the proven methods that will take you from idea stage to significant company and be a reference you keep near your desk for the rest of your career.

You will learn:

  • The 10 critical rules for startup success

  • A complete roadmap for launching your company and ensuring its success even as 80% of new businesses fail

  • A proven framework for designing, launching, managing and growing your startup

  • How to develop and test your business model and enhance your vision

  • Any much more listed below . . . .

Limited Time Introductory Offer
Value:   $327 (4 books at $57 + $99 CD
Introductory Price:   $197
You Save:   $130(Over 35%)
The Startup Manual details the complete process of designing your business and vision around your idea, technology and/or expertise.  Your company will be able to grow more rapidly with less upfront investment and have a much higher chance of success. Most new businesses fail because they do not have this information and fail to leverage the experience and lessons learned by others. 

"You have done an incredible job putting this manual together. I finishedputting my operating plan together yesterday thanks to your manual and I am amazedat the clarity it brings to the table.  I realized I already had 99% inmy mind and on the business plan, but laying it out on an functional format makesa hell of a difference on how to convert all the information sitting in my brainand on the business plan to a tactical format and how I can communicatethis massive amount of information to my key executives!.  I believeit converts thoughts and ideas into concrete doable tasks and tacticalfunctions that can easily be deployed. Kudos for a great product!"
- Jackie Burgoa, President and CEO, Strategic Planning Associates, Inc.

Here is what you will learn:
  • A Complete Roadmap For Getting Any Company From Raw Startup to $100 Million in Sales
  • Systems for Success That Include Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Product Development
  • How to Develop and Test Your Business Model and Enhance Your Vision
  • Developing a Marketing and Market Entry Strategy that Assures Success
  • How to Design More Competitive Advantage and Higher Barriers to Entry Into Your Business
  • Top Rules For Startup Success That Successful Serial Entrepreneurs Use
  • Top Startup Mistakes To Avoid That Kill Good Companies Every Day
  • A Hiring System That Will Boost Your Chances of Getting The Best People and a Framework For Employee Development
  • Defining and Managing Risks
  • Raising Financing Bonus Report - Top 11 Things NOT To Tell Angel Investors
The Startup Manual will show you how to develop your business and plan in the areas of sales, marketing, product development, operations and financial optimization. It will train you on a system of hiring people that will greatly increase your success.  It will provide a roadmap for launching your business and train you on startup philosophies that few people know -- but will make all the difference in the world to your success.
Additionally you will learn:
  1. The importance of vision and a step-by-step process to develop a complete one.
  2. How to use a business development roadmap.
  3. How to minimize risk by exploring your business ideas and determining their viability in the marketplace before spending money developing products.
  4. The 10 critical rules for startup success.
  5. You will learn a perfect startup "model" and case study to follow with philosophies and systems proven to enhance your company, products and culture.
  6. You will learn why "100% solutions" for customers can mean death for startup companies.
  7. How to choose the right employees for startup environments - Most people do not understand these key differences.
  8. How to increase product development productivity by a factor of 10 to11. YES That is NOT a typo - 10X to 11X!
  9. How the CEO's role differs in early-stage companies and must evolve in later stages.
  10. Plus, much more than we can list here you will learn the most common startup mistakes and how to avoid them; plus, much, much more!
You will receive a binder with over 250 pages of information available nowhere else that is indexed by major topics so you can dig into each area as needed, or even better read it from cover to cover.

Buy the startup manual as a startup guide for entrepreneurs, business startups and startup business plans.

"In building First Call Corporation, Bob Norton, was my secret weapon in getting a really audacious job done not only on time and under budget, but done so well that it revolutionized how equity sales was done on Wall Street. His abilities to understand complex requirements, to synthesize elegant solutions, and then to manage a team to get it done, are still the best I've ever seen."
- Jim Rutt, ex-CEO Network Solutions - The Original URL Directory Company

Starting a company is very difficult and everyone doing it is betting lots of their time and money, without complete knowledge of the obstacles ahead of them. The risks are great and a personal guide and consultants are usually way too expensive for most people. Mr. Norton and other business experts will charge up to $400 per hour for their time as a CEO coach and mentor, or helping you write your business plan and develop your business vision. Yes they should also save and make you many thousands of dollars, but if you do not have this money to invest then this does not matter much.By putting this knowledge in a manual for the first time ever we are making it affordable to all entrepreneurs to have this level of help and expertise to develop their businesses and more than double the chances of success of a new business. This information will be worth many thousands of dollars to you in extra sales and savings from mistakes you can avoid that most people fall into.
  • Roadmap For Launching Your Company - A step-by-step system and outline for the things you need to do to be successful that most people do not know and will bite them, maybe even fatally eventually if they do not plan around them.
  • How to Develop and Test Your Business Vision - Most people do not even really know what a vision is. As entrepreneurs, having a working model is more valuable than gold and platinum. This manual provides a step-by-step process to flush out your vision and make it complete. These eleven steps alone will double your chances of business success.
  • Rules For Startup Success - There are many common traits and methods used by successful entrepreneurs. Mr. Norton has research them completely and compiled them in one place for you to leverage. Learning from others' mistakes and successes will save you tons of both money and time -- It may even be the difference between your company surviving and becoming another statistic.
  • Top Startup Mistakes To Avoid That Kill Good Companies - There are about 8 mistakes that account for the demise of the majority of startup companies. If you had that list and could make sure you were not making those mistakes what would that be worth? What if we also gave you a system to manage around each of those risks effectively?
  • A Hiring System That Will Boost Your Chances of Getting The Best People - There is nothing more critical than hiring the right people. It doesn't matter if you are hiring one person, just consultants to build a virtual team or planning to hire 100 people, this system will have a huge impact on your selecting the best people.
    "Even though I sold a large Inc. 500 company before, this gave me themodels I needed to just drop things into place and greatly improve and speedup my business development process."

    - Susan Chandler-Duquette, CEO DEI Business Consulting
  • Defining The CEO's Role - People who are founding companies are CEOs in training for many years. Every good CEO is always learning and adding to their skills, experience and knowledge. This will help you understand the role you should play early on and how it should evolve as your company grows.  It will help you develop and improve your leadership and management style to increase your ability to attract and keep the best people and get the most from them.
  • Defining and Managing Risk - Many entrepreneurs do not identify and manage risks well. They are blinded by optimism and what they know, but ignore what they do not know. This tool will help you not only fight this tendency, but also identify the risks in your business and tune them down, or in some cases even completely take them out of the picture. Don't let what you don't know kill you.
  • A Framework For Employee Development - This system alone is worth the price of this package and lots more. In growing two companies rapidly to over $100 million in sales I have learned a lot about what happens to employee culture in both high growth and early-stage environments. People can generally not keep up with the growth of the company in terms of their own personal development from individual contributor, manager or executive to the next level.  This system will help you turn-around these cultural problems and use them to your advantage by allowing employees to develop and grow with the company and by squashing the bad feelings that inevitably arise with rapid growth and people left behind.
  • Raising Financing Bonus Report - Top 11 Things NOT To Tell Angel Investors - There is much art to raising financing. It does not matter if it is from angels or VCs there are certain things you need to do that no one will tell you. Some figure if you can't figure this stuff out yourself you are not a very good investment. They also always want to leave the door open, just in case you start to become successful later and they want to invest. There is also a big list of things NOT to do or say that most people don't know that will kill any chance of raising money. I see entrepreneurs totally kill their chances of raising money with a single sentence.  I charge $650 for a financing readiness coaching session to review your investor presentation, but many of the most common mistakes are included in this bonus book.
We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days

You can return this manual for a full refund within 30 days for any reason. Just tell us why it was not for you so we can try to avoid this in the future and we will gladly credit your account for the full amount.

Free Bonus Gift #1 (Free question answered by email - Value: $100-$200) You will be able to email any single question to Bob Norton directly and get his answer back. Bob charges hundreds of dollars per hour to guide entrepreneurs, so this alone could be worth more than the cost of the book. We are doing this because we want to add more common questions and answers to the manual over time.

Free Bonus Gift #2 (Free Update - Value $100) You will get any new information added to the manual for a full year by email after your purchase. As new questions come in we will be answering those and integrating new information into the manual.

Free Bonus Gift #3 (A 10% discount on any C-Level Seminar) If you decide to become a world-class entrepreneur and CEO by attending our CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp - The Art and Science of Business Design you will receive 10% off on any admission. This could save you over $150 too.

Free Bonus Gift #4  - If you are the type of person that can catch every typo and error we have a third bonus for you that will increase further the value you get from this purchase.  This is a brand new book and even though it has been edited by two different editors we know it still has some typos.  Right now it can be easily changed as an e-book, but when we go to production printing it can't.  So send us your typo list and we will send you another free e-book related to starting your company. You can email these to or fax just the pages with typos to (801) 672-9640. We will send you another valuable free e-book or report the next day.
Success in Today's Competitive Business World Doesn't Come Easily The Numbers Are Not Encouraging: · Less than 1 of every 100 early-stage companies are very successful! 50% of businesses don't make any profit in any 12-month period.  70% of businesses fail within five years But Mr. Norton is living proof that you can be successful.  Most businesses that succeed do so because of proper design and planning and by their founders proactively learning from mentors.  This manual is full of startup wisdom from an experienced CEO mentor that even coaches CEOs who have more than 15 years experience.  Most businesses that fail do so because of a lack of design and planning and because they do not learn from others mistakes.  Get the cutting-edge strategies and proven formulas you need to take a business from inception to startup, then to profitability in "The Startup Manual" . Best of Success,

Bob Norton

Only $197                  Buy the startup manual as a startup guide for entrepreneurs, business startups and startup business plans. 

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