Obtaining Venture Capital Financing In The Current Market Tele-Seminar

When: Wednesday Oct 13 at 7PM EST

The comfort of your home or office

Wewill email you a web link to download the slides, phone number and password theweek before the event.

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Learn How To Raise Angel Financing In Today's Market Conditions From A Serial Entrepreneur And 15 Year CEO Who Has Raised $40 Million in Investor Financing, Launched Eight Startups And Grown Two Companies To Over $100 Million.

Buy and learn how to raise angel funding and venture capital financing.

You will learn what angels are looking for as indicators of the best deals and what you need to do to prepare your company before you begin contactingAngels. This 2-hour call is not just hints and tips on finding angels,but contains a complete roadmap to be successful raising money from angelsin this tougher environment for capital. Following the presentation willbe a question & answer period where you will be able to ask Bob Norton any questions you might have. CAN'T MAKE THE DATE?
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The financing environment has changed dramatically over the last few years and is repeating a pattern seen in the early 1990's.  Venture capitalists are generally not funding many early-stage companies or product development, so angels are a much more important source of capital than in the past.  Angels have always invested far more dollars in very early-stage companies than venture capitalists - so you need to understand what they require and design this into your business plan.  We will review what you need to achieve for each type of financing and help you improve your company's readiness for various sources of investment.

"What a great value! Lots of solid information from someone who has really done it before."
- Current CEO who is raising angel financing

What You Will Learn:
  1. How to prepare your company for angel financing in virtually every area (idea, team, market research, investor slide presentation and more)
  2. What are the 12 top mistakes CEOs and entrepreneurs make when looking for capital?
  3. The 11 things NEVER to say to angel investors (bonus report)
  4. What needs to be in your presentation, business plan and other messaging to succeed
  5. Review of financing sources and the best circumstances to approach each today
  6. We will compare and contrast angel, VC and corporate financing sources and when each is appropriate
  7. How do you find and approach angels?
  8. What do angels look for as indicators of the best deals?
  9. What are the market conditions today and how do you adjust to them?
  10. What kind of financing terms you can expect plus a discussion on valuation and pricing your stock
  11. You will also get a complete resource list of networks of angels and local groups of angels
  12. And much, much more!

Buy and learn how to raise angel funding and venture capital financing.

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