CEO Enterpreneur Boot Camp Training Course Seminar Management strategy
April 12th to 14th 2006

Learn A Comprehensive System to Grow Your Company Into a One Hundred Mil-lion Dollar Business From Someone Who Has Done it Twice

The Only Seminar of Its Kind. Cut Years Off Your Learning Curve as a CEO and Entrepreneur!

CEO Enterpreneur Boot Camp Training Course Seminar Management strategy





"Way to go!
No question about value delivered." 
� Charlie Atkinson, Founder
Whole Systems

"The boot camp gave me all the information I needed to fill in the blanks as I develop my new company.  Even though I sold a large Inc. 500 company before, this gave me the models I needed to just drop things into place and greatly improve and speed up my business development process."
� Susan Chandler-Duquette, CEO DEI Business Consulting

"It's a great course - very comprehensive. I think it can really help people look at their business in a new way. I can tell you it gave me new vision. He teaches practical lessons people can actually apply."

- Lisa Sasso, President Radi Medical Systems

"I thought this seminar was appropriate for any senior level executive to get on the same page strategically with their team and boost their business.  I feel I greatly underpaid for the value delivered." 
John Edmond, President, Angel Data Networks

 Dear CEO, Entrepreneur or Senior Executive,

Imagine if a very successful serial entrepreneur, who had grown two companies to over $100MM in sales, had worked for 2 years to painstakingly document the most important business blueprints, models, systems, ideas and lessons he had learned during his 23 year career. What if he had also collected ideas from over 1,000 business books read over the 15 years while he was a CEO?

Imagine the impact such knowledge could have on your business and your career. Well, we have just that in an entrepreneurship management training seminar exclusively for emerging growth company CEOs and entrepreneurs. The Art and Science of Business DesignTM incorporates everything I wish I had known when I founded my first ambitious business in 1989.

This is the only complete strategic level training and entrepreneurship boot camp available in the U.S. today that covers all areas of developing your business.  It will turn entrepreneurs into more successful CEOs and raise the performance and success levels of any CEO, or senior executive, to a world-class level even if they already have many years as a CEO.  We guar-an-tee it!

Wishing you the best success,
Bob Norton
Founder,, C-Level Enterprises and other companies


Reasons Any CEO or Entrepreneur Should Attend

  1. Drive your revenue further and faster by cutting years of your learning

  2. Learn proven strategies, systems and models to design and optimize your business model, launch, hire, manage and grow faster

  3. Position your company better to protect profit margins and out maneuver the competition

  4. Avoid the dozens of common mistakes CEO & entrepreneurs make that can cost you your company

  5. Leverage the knowledge of others, don't reinvent the wheel

"A wise man is he who knows he knows not." -- Socrates

100% of graduates agreed that their business would "improve significantly over the next few months" as a result of attending.

 Can't Make Any of These Dates or Need it Sooner?
The Complete 14 DVD Set, Manual and CD is Also Available

A great way to train your entire management team at low cost!

CEO Enterpreneur Boot Camp Training Course Seminar Management strategy

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CEO Enterpreneur Boot Camp Training Course Seminar Management strategy





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  You Will Learn Systems and Models To:

  1. Design and position a business for sustainable competitive advantage

  2. Optimize your business model for minimum risk and capital investment

  3. Figure out the exact skills you need and selecting your management team and other employees and interviewing for skills you do not have yourself. Most businesses require 20 skill sets to be really successful on a large scale. You will learn these and how to figure out which you have and which you don't.

  4. Raise capital in any market from the best sources (angels, VCs, banks, alternative sources)

  5. Develop a marketing, communications and messaging plan and department that is accountable to a return on investment

  6. Design and positioning your brand with a step-by-step system to develop your brand, brand personality and USP that will make your growth faster

  7. Develop and validating a better vision and business plan that works in the real world and attracts and excites investors, employees and customers

  8. Plan, design and manage a sales department and select strategies, tactics and channels that will work for your business

  9. Hire the best people in every area and understanding the personality types that work best in each discipline

  10. Design a "Dashboard" for running your business that will give you more distant vision and focus employees on key objectives

  11. The list of 11 things a CEO should never, ever do that most CEOs do not know

  12. The strategies you can use to grow ANY business to over one hundred million in revenue

You will walk away with a custom $1MM strategic improvement plan for your business that will greatly improve your company in short order - Guar- anteed!  And much more . . .

Most People Will NEVER Figure This All Out for Themselves EVER Even with 10 years in a rapid growth companies as a CEO.  
This system contains the combined wisdom of some of the top thought leaders in business over the last two decades. 

April 12th to 14th in Waltham, Mass.
May 24th-26th Sedona, Arizona
November 14th to 16th in Atlanta, Georgia
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