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These products were all developed by Bob Norton, a serial entrepreneur, who has over 30 years of business experience and has been a full-time CEO since 1989. Designed for both experienced and new CEOs in early-stage companies who are serious about major success. A series of these books and CDs will dramatically increase your chances of success.  They present proven tools and systems that were developed by Mr. Norton over the last 20+ years while participating in eight different startup ventures and growing two to over $100 million in sales. 

Even though I sold a large Inc. 500 company before, this gave me the models I needed to just drop things into place and greatly improve and speed up my business development process.
Susan Chandler-Duquette, CEO DEI Business Consulting

Each book helps at a particular company development stage:
     1) Design the Business Model
     2) Launch the Business
     3) Hire the Best People while scaling up
     4) Manage Growth

Each book gives clear step-by-step instructions for each phase and a roadmap and structure to successfully navigate the pitfalls and issues that most often kill new businesses and products.  Ideally, they should be read in order to maximize the benefit and your success.

The four ebooks can be downloaded immediately and you can put the ideas and systems into action very quickly.  Unlike hardcover books, which need to be a certain size to justify the printing, distribution, and retail markups, these books will not have lots of redundant information, essentially showcasing the same basic ideas in five different ways. They are packed with unique content (averaging over 110 pages) that comes from the experience of a real serial entrepreneur, not just an author. The philosophies and systems used in each are compatible so that, as a set, they create a complete framework for founding any business and growing it more rapidly.

Some key chapters and concepts are repeated in some of the books. The combination manual has all these redundancies removed. So if you plan to read the entire series it is best to buy the entire "Startup Manual" below, as it has one copy of everything plus a bonus CD with additional material.

These books address issues most entrepreneurs struggle with while starting a new business for a long, long time and can save and make you not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars, by ramping sales faster and saving money on expensive mistakes.

Starting a Business - Executive training in entrepreneurship by Bob Norton, a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO Coach and Mentor

About The Author

Mr. Norton is a leading authority in the U.S. on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and growing businesses rapidly. He has personally participated full-time in launching eight startup companies. He has helped grow two to over $100 million in sales quickly and developed many major successful products and business divisions for two different multi-billion dollar corporations.  His experience includes all-size companies in products and services across many industries.

Mr. Norton founded his first company in high school in 1976 selling antennas to ham radio operators, then worked many years at both small and large companies before founding a major company as its CEO in 1989.

Mr. Norton has appeared in Inc. Magazine, on CNBC, Good Morning America, and many other media and provides advice and mentoring to entrepreneurs and CEOs through consulting, speaking, publishing, and seminars.

Few authors understand the drastic differences in management styles, and other methodologies, that must be used through the five stages of a company's development from startup to mature company like Mr. Norton. Even fewer authors can claim to have "done it" by working at companies in every stage of development.

He frequently speaks at corporations, associations, and universities including MIT, Boston University, and Babson on startups, business, entrepreneurship, and other topics.

He has also developed the leading Entrepreneur and CEO Boot CampTM, intensive training for any new or experienced CEO who wants to move to world-class performance levels by constantly improving their abilities.

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