We offer a core curriculum that was about 70% developed by our founder Bob Norton and is always presented personally by him.  This Rapid Growth by DesignTM system can help turn you into a world-class CEO and entrepreneur faster than anything else we know.  Eleven of the twelve components were developed over the last 30 years by Bob Norton.  We also have guest speakers that will vary by event on other  topics that dovetail with the core models and systems for business success.

For the Waltham, Massachusetts event guest speakers will include:

Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Founder and & CEO,
C-Level Enterprises, Inc. and Startup Planet

Mr. Robert Norton, President and CEO of C-Level Enterprises (formerly Condor Enterprises) has over 25 years as full-time President and CEO of numerous successful companies. Two grew to over $100 million in annual sales while Mr. Norton was there and one grew from $0 to over $1 billion in revenue today. He has helped launch eight startup companies and over 30 products.  His experience spans all key disciplines needed to start, grow and exit businesses in several industries. He can provide a breath of experience and perspective across all disciplines that only experienced CEOs can.

With 22 total years experience, including former positions as Senior Software Architect, VP Engineering and CTO, Mr. Norton can understand both deep technical issues and strategic management issues. Mr. Norton’s breath of experience allows for complete validation and/or improvement of entire business models for maximum growth and profit. He is also a specialist at designing long-term competitive advantage into businesses so profit margins can be maintained and stockholders build sustainable revenue and profits that can justify high multiples on exit.

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entrepreneurship training seminar course faculty
Suzanne Paling, Sales Management

Principal of Sales Management Services, Suzanne Paling has over twenty years of experience in sales consulting, sales management, and sales for both field and inside sales organizations. Suzanne founded Sales Management Services in 1998 to provide practical advice to business executives, owners, and entrepreneurs seeking to increase their revenue and improve their sales organization's performance.

 Previously, at Thomson Corporation's Warren, Gorham & Lamont and RIA Group business units, Suzanne managed high-performance teams selling information services to banking, real estate, and law professionals. Her accomplishments included reorganizing and turning around a number of underperforming sales groups. Prior to Thomson, Suzanne was with Revlon (Charlie, Jean Nat´┐Ż, Enjoli) and Dana Perfumes (Tabu, Canoe) where she handled major retail accounts including CVS, Sears, J.C. Penney, and Bradlees.  

Suzanne writes frequently on sales topics for Mass High Tech and Women's Business. She is Vice President of Membership and a Board member of the Society of Professional Consultants. Suzanne has a B.A. from the University of Missouri.

entrepreneurship training seminar course faculty
Greta Roberts, Hiring Expert

As President and founder of Target Teams, Inc. which provides assessment solutions to help companies predict the performance of candidates and employees, Great brings 22 years of experience in the areas of hiring, sales and product marketing with some of the world's most successful companies including Lotus Development Corporation, Netscape Communications, Inc., Cisco Systems and 2 Internet startups.

All of these experts are Principals or Presidents of their own companies and consult and lecture on their specialties.  Each has 20+ years experience.  Hiring them each for just an hour would cost more than this entire seminar.

Mike Slemmer entrepreneurship training seminar course faculty

Mike Slemmer is a Principal, and past long-term client, of The Collaborative. Mike's areas of expertise include general management, sales and sales management, marketing, negotiations, and the effective selection and deployment of technology. Mike has held positions as General Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Director of Sales, and Sales Executive at Thomson Financial, Chase Access Services, and RepublicBank Corporation. He was twice sales executive of the year and has successfully led two major organizational change efforts and the turnaround of a failing business. 

Beverly Flaxington entrepreneurship training seminar course faculty

Beverly Flaxington co-founded The Collaborative in 1995.

Prior to this she held several senior level sales, business development, sales management, training management and business operations positions with John Hancock Financial Services. Beverly also had successful careers in executive search and retail banking with Patriot Bank, NA. She is an accomplished trainer and public speaker.  Beverly is the co-author of Wealthbuilding: A Consumer's Guide to Making Profitable - and Comfortable - Investment Decisions, published by Dearborn Financial Publishing.  

The core curriculum is available in the PDF brochure and guest speakers will vary by event.

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