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Essential Resources For CEOs and Entrepreneurs
at Startup & Emerging Growth Companies. 

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Company 's Stage of Development - Stage 1
  • Idea stage
  • Still in the garage
  • Designing the business
  • No employees
  • No revenue
  • Building the business plan
Company's Stage of Development - Stage 2
  • Out of the garage
  • Executing on business plan
  • Doing product development
  • Looking for funding
  • Possibly some sales
  • Hiring employees
Company 's Stage of Development - Stage 3
  • Revenue of $1-$5 million
  • 20+ employees
  • Have a proven business model in terms of economics, value proposition and target market(s)
Company's Stage of Development - Stage 4
  • Revenue of $5+ million
  • >50 employees
  • Ready to scale the business to be a market leader
  • Generally seeking expansion capital
  • Large market opportunity

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All our products are specifically designed for startup, early-stage and emerging growth technology companies
which have vastly different needs and modes of operation than established, stable and mature companies.

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Books and ebooks

  1. Business Plan and Business Model Development, Business model, small business planning

  2. Developing your startup management team and hiring people who can be successful in small business start up companies.

  3. Management style, business growth and scaling your business and sales

  4. Starting a business, business startup, small business startup

Small business, business planning, starting a business, business plan, business idea development. - This is All Four of the Above Books in one 5.5lb 3-ring binder Plus a CD of Business Model Design Tools and 1 year of updates no charge.

Audio CD Sets

Raising capital from private investors and angel investors for small business, startups, raising venture capital.

Starting a business, small business startup, bootstrapping strategies and techniques start up companies need to know.

Executive Seminars

Executive training, management training, business strategy, strategic planning, management seminar, entrepreneurship: The Exclusive CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camps

DVD Videos From The Exclusive CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp

  1. Business plan, corporate vision development and small business opportunity development to build large companies: Roadmap To Developing Your Corporate Vision

  2. Marketing, small business marketing, business to business marketing, marketing plan, marketing strategy, marketing communications: Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Marketing & Developing Your Marketing Plan

  3. Customer services, business operations, operations management, business performance measurement: Developing Your Operations Dashboard and Customer Service.

  4. Management and executive team hiring for start ups, small businesses, and other systems to round out your team hire with more success and less risk: Hiring Your Team and Planning The Needed Skills For Success

  5. Market Research, Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy, Small Business Marketing, niche marketing:

  6. Hiring Process and System That Will Greatly Improve Your Results and Myers Briggs

  7. Sales management, sales management training: How to Manage Your Salesforce

  8. Small business finance, small business funding, venture capital financing: Practical Finance, Financing and The Financial Plan For Startups and Small Businesses

  9. Business strategy, business planning, strategic planning, positioning, positioning strategy: Competitive Strategy, Market Entry and Positioning For Startups

  10. Product development, product management, skunkworks, IT project management, software development: A Superior Product Development Framework For Startups

  11. Management style, managing growth and shifting gears as a small business grows into a large business: Managing Rapid Growth In Early-stage Companies

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