Results-driven leader adept at creating and communicating a vision, building infrastructures, motivating teams and optimizing performance. Strong technical, analytical and interpersonal abilities. Strategic thinker providing tactical solutions that can be implemented with minimum risk and cost while iterating to an ideal and sustainable market position.


Astute strategist with proven success in early-stage, large-company and turnaround environments.

  • Established 4 divisions and 8 successful products (100% success rate), including FIRST CALL, which dominated their markets.
  • Salvaged struggling startup, delivering $700K sales pipeline from $0 within 90 days. Cut capital needs 50% by adjusting business model and accelerating revenue.
  • Turned around startup with no recurring revenue, recapitalized company, then grew to $15 million.

Proactive manager who blends business, product development and marketing acumen with technology skills.

  • Launched B2B e-commerce Web site which achieved profitability within 18 months.
  • Repositioned company, built sales team, developed technology product, rewrote business plan and negotiate sale.
  • Developed 5 new products that generate over $1+ billion annual revenue today and dominate their markets.

Visionary who can execute by closely matching products and services to market needs to create sustainable revenue streams and defensible market positions.

  • Conceived and developed business, which achieved 72% market penetration within 18 months of launch, garnering national attention and rave customer reviews.
  • Conceived, developed and launched profitable B2B2C web site with one tenth the capital invested as compared to a competitors site and achieved superior results.
  • Consistently led development of products to superior market positions by taking advantage of the latest technologies without high-risk implementation.   
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