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Sample Corporate 360 Project Plan - Enhancement of the Entire Business is the Goal

Every Project is customized to the needs of the company and managment team at that time. Management is trained on best practices from 50 years of management and leadership science and art. Implementation of these practices is done along the way.

Getting to the Next Level of Management and Growth
Goals:  1) Shift management to next level to allow for larger company and more rapid growth
2) Train staff in best practices of management and leadership
3) Develop a one year operational plan with LT strategic objectives, milestones and budgets
4) Train team to develop their own strategic plans (teach to fish by example)
Specific Activities
Exploratory: Interview each management team member
Interview at least 3 customers and/or distributors (always fruitful as third party interview)
Get product service demos
Project planning, Review current management practices and policies
Core Process: Do corporate level Management plan development (Skill Set Matrix) for today and 1 year out
Do corporate level risk map with analysis and discussion with senior people (teach risk management)
Improve current and develop one year out organization charts
Work with each department head to brainstorm and add ideas for plan for coming year
Help to develop and review department budgets and procedures to track and verify compliance
Train team on appropriate Boot Camp modules - selected team members as needed, for example:
      - Competitive strategy and positioning tools
      - Management and MBOs procedures
      - Marketing and branding 
      - Product Development and skunkworks methodologies
Review and enhance employee review, compensation plans and performance incentives
Refine corporate messaging, marketing plan & branding approach as appropriate
Review and input on R & D and Intellectual Property plans for LT value, extensibility and flexibility
Review and refine current  management policies and procedures
Develop cultural influence plan/outline (LT) for 1-3 years
Help develop and agree on dashboards for each department and corporate roll-up dashboard

Strategic Planning Work:

    - Finalize 1 page strategic plan summary
    - Develop more detailed level plan in PowerPoint slides with strategies
    - Present to management team for final input on this outline before writing text and more detail
    - Writing work to merge all dept's work and polish a written plan as a living document
Attend several staff meetings over the term of project plus various status reviews
Unknown, other contingencies TBD
Wrap up and follow-up: Presentation and review of plan document with entire team integrated with MBOs & budgets
Final debriefing and exit interviews to identify any lingering concerns and follow-up needs
Follow-up work, coaching, calls to check status, evolve and problems
          Coaching 1/2 hour 2X per month for about 3 months as appropriate
Key Deliverables: Senior Mgt. Team trained on: 
   A) Best practices of management
   B) Planning and MBO processes 
   C) Plan documents including summary, slides and complete document to update annually
   D) Coaching support for 3 months follow-up for senior team members
   E) MBO review status as part of above coaching work
    F) Training plan for senior team members to grow with the organization

This process can only be done well by an experienced CEO. It will allow any company to prepare its company to be ready to grow more rapidly.  It can be done in 30 to 90 days depending on the situation and ability of the organization to adjust. 

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"Bob worked with our executive team at RTP to assess our overall strengths and weaknesses and then develop a strategic business plan with specfic goals, objectives, and actionable work plans. His deep, practical, and proven experience, particularly with technology businesses was invaluable. I would highly recommend him for similar engagements."
   -- Charlie L'Esperance, CEO, Resort Technology Partners

"Right out of the gate, Bob was able to quickly assess our situation and identify ways to increase revenue.  After working with Bob for only 8 hours, we identified a way to at least quintuple our lead generation and also improve our sales pipeline management and revenue potential.  We are also implementing many of his ideas to improve our sales closing rates and are more clearly focused on the path to building a successful business. "
- John Eller, CEO InSight Mobile Data, Inc.

"In just 2 hours of consultation, Bob Norton helped me to re-focus my thoughts, especially with regard to financing strategy.  In addition, there were several nuggets of wisdom and insight about bootstrapping, competitive intelligence, and market research. I highly recommend him."
       --   Nijan Datar, Founder and CEO  Smart Voice

"The best CEOs require 8 weeks to get up to speed on a new company and market. Bob did it in less than six weeks so our portfolio company could be repositioned quickly and effectively."
      -- Senior Partner, Venture Capital Firm

A Testimonial On Our Approach to Vision Development:

"I must congratulate you on your excellent piece "The 11 Requirements of a Successful Vision".   I am a CEO of a midsized company  with an MBA in marketing.  So far, I have not come across so much clarity in any other article on "Corporate Vision. . . . Thank you once again for publishing a masterpiece."

      --  Uday S Desai, CEO, Suprawin Technologies Ltd.