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C-Level Enterprises will help thousands of CEOs and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and succeed by providing affordable, unique, and valuable products and services that help them succeed and become world-class executives more quickly.  We will provide highly creative products at a low cost for do-it-yourself solutions.  We will also provide custom business solutions and coaching that only a done before CEO can

We will help our customers avoid expensive and common mistakes, and drive their sales growth faster using our proprietary Rapid Growth By DesignTM business optimization process.  Our founder's 28 years experience as a serial entrepreneur, and 20 years as a CEO, allows us to create products that are available nowhere else, and often only available through very high-priced consulting that early-stage companies can not afford.

We provide highly cost-effective products using eBooks, audio CDs, and videos, as well as seminars like our exclusive CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp - The Art and Science of Business DesignTM that provide value easily 100 to 1,000 times their cost.  We will create our own products and collect "the best of the best" that is designed for early-stage companies.

One-on-one consulting will also be provided, on a limited basis, for more customized help, coaching, mentoring, and advice specific to a company's exact situation.  

We help our customers solve problems and find and develop new business opportunities that require the business scope and experience that only an experienced CEO can provide. We help position clients for sustainable competitive advantage and improve their business models through experience and creative business design and improved visions.

Turbo-charge your business today with a vision tune-up! We firmly believe it is the best investment you will ever make!

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Why C-Level Enterprises?

  1. We "wrote the book" on developing visions for rapid growth companies and have 23 years of experience in all size companies in many industries.

  2. Significant changes in any strategic area of a business almost always impact all departments and a company's overall vision. This ripple effect can demoralize, de-motivate, and even destroy other departments and employees.  Few consultants can provide a breadth of experience to understand these ramifications.

  3. For best results tuning and adjusting business models, or visions, always require in-depth knowledge, and real-world experience, across many disciplines (sales, marketing, finance, operations, marketing, technology/R & D, and customer service).

  4. Only someone with many years of experience as CEO can do this well, without wasting enormous time and effort on trial and error because they understand the many interdependencies. In these cases having someone who can tune the entire business through an understanding of all business disciplines can be more effective and economical. Hiring a team of specialists will cost at least five times as much and usually will produce inferior results.

Webster's Dictionary

Prudent (Pru"dent), adjective.

1. Sagacious in adapting means to ends; circumspect in action, or in determining any line of conduct; practically wise; judicious; careful; discreet; sensible; -- opposed to rash; as, a prudent man; dictated or directed by prudence or wise forethought; evincing prudence; as prudent behavior.

Synonyms -- Cautious; wary; circumspect; considerate; discreet; judicious; provident; economical; frugal.

PRUDENT CEO - A CEO who knows what he/she does not know and can identify future problems, issues, and needs of the organization before they become critical to seek outside help in advance. This usually comes from professional service providers who have dealt with that exact type of problem in the past in a real-world, operational situation (or less preferably in a consulting capacity).

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