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C-Level develops and presents training and seminars to help CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs at emerging growth companies develop their executive skills and improve their businesses dramatically. Many can be delivered by on-demand video or live webinar also from our Video Training Library (VLT) which now has over 160 videos.

Our founder, Bob Norton, has developed and delivers each of these seminars personally, leveraging his experience as a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years and CEO since 1989.

executive seminars and training for senior management

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In the last century, the science of management has evolved dramatically. In the industrial age old school Theory-X (the 1960s), for factories and the industrial age with strong hierarchy and command and control worked fine. As the information age blossomed Theories Y and Z (1981) for managing a higher mix of professional and white-collar workers was needed.

In the last three decades, management has evolved further by using more technology, not just for communications but also to allow for more virtual organizations, globalization, outsourcing, and real-time project management. In addition, we now have proof of the effectiveness of collaborative management and many other High-Performance Team (HTP) best practices.

Combining these methods properly can dramatically improve organizational effectiveness, growth rates and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Also approaches like open source software and even collaborative content development (I.e. Wikipedia) have created new ways for organizations to tap the collective wisdom, knowledge, and skills of larger and more dispersed professionals.

Benefits of Our Integrated Development Program

  • Create a culture that is consistent with the company’s strategy, mission, value proposition, and brand
  • Improve manager performance, which has high ROI and leverage when using proven High-Performance Team (HPT) best practices
  • Increase average tenure of the top people who need to grow professionally to move up and stay long-term
  • Increase ability to attract top people who see a career path, not just a job
  • Avoid political issues and groupthink by using an outside vendor who has no other interests or focus and can manage the program

Management Development (MD) and Organizational Development (OD) are crucial to creating market-leading companies.

Some Tools of MD/OD

ü Gap/Dysfunction analysis, 360 Evaluations, DISC tests, and personality profiles

ü Professional development training, usually supported by a Learning Management System (LMS) which acts as a growing repository of corporate knowledge

ü Mentoring program, using institutional knowledge and people to develop and acclimate newer employees

ü Coaching from external executive coaches

ü Job rotation and other cross-training and empathy-building to enhance interdepartmental communications and cooperation. Even company social function play a role here.

ü Business process workflow analysis and optimization (BPM)

ü Systems and policies for constant feedback, accountability, and managing by the numbers (KPIs) to enhance management leverage

ü An executive education program including self-development, reading, seminars, conventions, leadership training and development, and other skills appropriate to the specific executive

Our seminar, "The Art and Science of Business Design - A CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp", is available on DVD only and provides all the tools to design and grow a business from raw idea to $100 million in sales. This program is for CEOs. founders and Senior Executives being groomed to run part of a company of any size. You will get a complete integrated system for starting, developing, and running businesses. It spans the strategy and management of all the major business disciplines and prepares executives to design and run a growth business or to climb the corporate ladder.

The CEO Boot Camps are available at www.EntrepreneurshipU.com


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