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Our founder and CEO, Bob Norton, speaks on many topics at associations, universities, corporate retreats, and also content-intensive training seminars for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior managers like our own CEO Boot Camp.  As a full-time CEO since 1989 with experience in all size companies from startups to multi-billion dollar conglomerates, Mr. Norton's content is extremely practical and real-world proven - not academic.

Mr. Norton speaks as an expert in leadership, management, strategy, entrepreneurship, vision, organizational development, and business growth.  He is the author of four books and helps companies break through organizational and personal limits and executives break through personal limits. Mr. Norton is available for keynotes, management retreats, and organize training programs to instill urgency, excitement, entrepreneurial values, and company growth expertise into virtually any business or team.

Mr. Norton is Dale Carnegie trained and has developed and delivered the man speeches in the form of keynotes, educational seminars, and presentations to audiences from major corporations to universities. He can easily assemble a content-rich and compelling custom presentation on many topics from his vast library of material developed over the last 20 years.  He can also design a custom talk or presentation. Venues have included both public and private seminars, corporate retreats, and non-profit organizations.  Most can be structured to time frames from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Call (508) 381-8013 to discuss your specific objectives, audience, date, and time frame.

Major Areas of Expertise Include:

  1. Management, Leadership and the Difference Between the Two 

  2. Developing and communicating a corporate vision that gets people charged up

  3. Best Practices for Internal Management and Communications Systems

  4. Coaching and Educating your Team for Growth and Top Performance

  5. Peak Personal Performance and Motivation through Psychological Principles that Drive Superior Human Achievement as applied in a corporate environment

  6. Innovation and Managing Its' Associated Risks

  7. Organizational Development

Some Sample Past Presentations Titles:

  1. Business Vision Development and Enhancement

  2. Strategic Positioning for Competitive Advantage

  3. Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

  4. Business Vision Development and Enhancement

  5. Best Practices for Shifting Management Gears and Style as you Grow

  6. Market Research to achieve a 100% Market Launch Success

  7. The Six Business Systems Companies Need For Excellence and Growth

  8. Managing Growth and Breaking Through Invisible Barriers

  9. Identifying and Managing Risks

  10. Managing Human Capital and Becoming a "Learning Organization"

  11. Customer Service Today

  12. Turning Raw Ideas Into New Companies and Products

  13. Skunkworks Strategies For 5X Product Development Productivity

  14. Raising Capital Today

  15. Entrepreneurial Marketing

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Some Currently Schedule Public Events are Listed at:

http://www.ceobootcamp.us/   and   www.AirTightMgt.com

Given Mr. Norton's broad experience as a CEO, he can also create a talk around your event or theme, with real-life stories and examples that audience members will remember, learn from and take home to generate real results the next day.

It is critical that these talks are both fun and educational because fun stories told aloud are heard and allow people to more easily remember the key lessons.  Each talk will generally start with a basic topic slide set and be customized for the particular audience and time slot available. For longer time slots an interactive workshop component can be added for experiential learning to burn ideas in for lifetime use.

 Summaries of Past Keynotes, Speeches, and Workshops
  1. Business Vision Development and Enhancement - Why a vision matters. How to develop a vision step-by-step. How to use it day-to-day for maximum organizational benefit. How to communicate it to your organization. Who has to participate and how? This talk is primarily for entrepreneurs, senior managers, and higher-level executives with a broad product and business scope and responsibilities. Back to Top

  2. Strategic Positioning For Competitive Advantage and High Barriers to Entry - How to find and define a niche you can dominate for market entry and then evolve longer-term barriers to entry. Using competitive intelligence and a competitive landscape map to differentiate your company, protect your margins and grow without direct competition on every sale. Go-to-market strategies are critical to any product's first years. This talk is best in entrepreneurial forums or for examining new product launches and extensions for larger companies.

  3. Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship - How medium and larger size companies can increase product development success by using entrepreneurial techniques. Injecting an entrepreneurial spirit into your organization is especially critical today with less differentiation, greater foreign competition, and shortened product life cycles. Best for corporations and business associations with senior managers to CEOs responsible for product development and new business development.

  4. Modes of Management - How companies should adjust their management style based on their company's stage of development. Shifting gears appropriately as a company evolves. How to break through the usual plateau levels at major company development phases. Removing unseen limits so your company can continue to grow. Great talk for any management-level audience that will leave managers thinking about how they act in context. It is guaranteed to improve management results quickly but getting managers out of reflex actions and into thoughtful decisions based on many factors commonly ignored. Back to Top

  5. Raising Financing Today in a "Changed" Market - The criteria for angels, VCs, and even banks has changed. Angels are a far more critical source of capital because VCs have moved upmarket to more mature companies with proven traction. This talk will show business managers and entrepreneurs how to develop a financing strategy that does not feel like an obstacle course and is flexible enough to be a useful plan in a rapidly changing world.

  6. Startup War Stories - Learning from the mistakes of others! What to do and NOT do in an early-stage company. This talk is a comical study of specific cases where companies got into big trouble that was totally avoidable. The company names are left to the imagination to protect both the innocent and the guilty - not to mention me. Several case studies are available and can be presented in great depth, or with a more cursory view across several situations.

  7. How Product Development and Launches Can Achieve a Near Perfect 100% Success Rate! - More than 9 out of 10 product launches fail today, 95 out of 100 in some industries! How do you develop a product that is guaranteed to be warmly received by the market? Mr. Norton has launched about a dozen products with a 100% success rate. Though these were mostly built from the ground up with few resources, and even less time, these products generate well over $1 billion in annual revenue today. How do you make sure you are building a product the customer will LOVE and adjust as you go to guarantee a hit on target? How do you get people addicted to your product or service? Great for entrepreneurs and anyone with product development or improvement responsibilities. Back to Top

  8. The Perfect Start-up Model - Ways to greatly increase the chances of a newly formed business by spending less, producing more, and generally leveraging the advantages that a startup can use to enter the market better, faster, and cheaper than any established company ever could. In a world where more than 90% of new companies and new products fail, Mr. Norton outlines a philosophy that can increase your chances of success enormously using simple techniques to listen, tune and tweak as you develop. Iterative product design, ongoing market research, and the correct staff and procedures are key to success.

  9. The Next Step - Taking a company through the five stages of development without hitting a ceiling that can trap your company in a particular stage forever. Avoiding "founders disease", avoiding cognitive dissonance, making sure you really hear the truth from employees, customers, and the market, changing and evolving with the market, risk management, and other tactics that can help your company break through major development and growth barriers.

  10. Attacking Giants - Many small and medium-size businesses will eventually face competition from larger businesses. Mr. Norton launched a raw startup directly competing with a $400 million business that was also going after that market and not only won but even forced this business to exit the market. After this, his business was the dominant player worldwide for many years. This talk reviews many strategies that can be used to go after larger markets that are attractive to large businesses by using strategies and techniques that give smaller businesses advantages over larger businesses. Case studies of competitive positioning, Trojan horse strategies, and indirect and stealthy attacks, and more are reviewed with many secrets to competing against the "big guys". Back to Top

  11. Managing Human Capital - In this day and age, people may be the only competitive advantage that is sustainable. Technology is copied quickly, patents are often not protectable and have a limited life. Selecting and developing your people is the most critical thing you can do. In many larger organizations, some great CEOs spend more than half their time on this challenge. This talk helps define a framework to find, develop, manage and measure your most precious resource.

  12. Customer Service Today - Everyone knows it is far cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. Yet most companies fall into several common pitfalls in servicing the customer. Case studies are used with many techniques to avoid issues that cost most company customers every day. Attitudes, systems design, people training, incentive systems, monitoring systems, and responsibilities are looked at throughout the corporate layers. This is a great talk for any customer-facing group and their management too. Customer advocacy, avoiding cognitive dissonance, and eight ways to avoid customer service problems. Back to Top

  13. Bootstrapping - What it Takes To Get From Raw Idea to A Fundable Startup Company - This is a "How To" talk that lays out a roadmap for turning an idea into a company. It discusses the basics of preparing to jump, developing your team, getting market validation, and developing a plan for the first year of your company when you are likely to be alone, or nearly so, and running on your own capital and "friends and family" money. What do you do to prepare to leave your job? How do you test the business proposition? How do you identify the outside skills you need and get people involved that have skills you do not have, but must rate these people's abilities anyway? This can be a 1 to 2-hour presentation and is a module from the CEO Boot Camp Seminar.

  14. Custom Topics Always Available on Request - Mr. Norton's 27 years of experience is filled with stories of both success and "war stories". Both are learning experiences, though failures often teach you more and are more memorable than getting everything right the first time. Innovation requires testing, failure, and iteration towards the optimum solution, and stories can be designed around your current corporate issues and breaking through old barriers. Minimum three weeks notice generally required for custom topics.

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