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Philosophies and Special Areas of Expertise

Below is a list of topics Mr. Norton lectures on and/or has authored material for his books, CDs and videos. These are all strategic level treatments of these topics at the CEO and senior executive level focused on leadership and management of these areas, as opposed to specific tactical execution.

Mr. Norton consults, writes and speaks on many topics related to strategy, executive management, vision development, entrepreneurship, growing companies more rapidly, running companies, launching and managing new products, and financing.

The list below contains articles on these topics that where written by Mr. Norton, except where noted otherwise. Although no one can be an expert in all areas, as a seasoned high level executive, and CEO since 1989, Mr. Norton can provide expertise in many key business disciplines at the strategic level. We also keep a list of expert consultants in other areas who have over 240 years of collective experience and will be happy to make referrals at no charge. Although people learn by doing, and no amount of reading will make you a top executive, we recommend at least a book a month for a long term proactive executive development program and provide these articles to help any executive improve.

These are sample chapters from our 5 different books in The Secrets of A Serial Entrepreneur TM Series.  To see the full list of books, audio programs and DVDs click here now.

Executive Management
Ideas, lessons, philosophies & experiences from being a CEO since 1989 and a manager since 1984.

  • How Do You Grow a Company To $100 Million?
  • Vision Development & Enhancement
  • A Simple and Effective People Management Methodology
  • Employee Development
  • Modes Of Management - Adjusting Your Management to Your Company's Stage of Development
  • 68 CEO Responsibilities
  • Startup Versus Big Company
  • Big Company Disease
  • Friction is a Good Thing. Why Manners Can be Deadly at the Executive Level
  • Risk Management
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Hiring and Job Scope in Early Stage Companies
  • Organizational Development & Training
  • Top 10 Reasons Why An Executive Hires A Coach
  • When Do You Need A Vision Update or Tune-up?

Corporate Governance

Technology &
Product Development

Lessons and Ideas From being a Software Engineer for 5 years, Director of Software Development for 2 years, VP of Engineering and CTO for 3 years

  • 80% Solutions - Why New Products Should Never Shoot for Solving The Entire Problem
  • How to Get 5-10X Productivity Enhancement in Software Development
  • Reengineering & Software Development
  • Top Secret Information Services Strategies
    (available only to clients)
  • How to Guarantee Your Product or Service is Warmly Received By The Market on Day One (Available as a service and article to client companies)
  • Secrets of Content Management & Distribution.
  • Using "skunkworks" strategies for superior product development speed and efficiency


  • Top Ten Tips For Raising Angel Financing
  • Fixing Venture Capital
  • Top 11 Things NOT To Tell Angel Investors
  • Landscape Map of Financing Environment Today - Angel vs. VC

The Startup Manual contains all these articles and much more. 

Hiring The Best People
Getting the right people is much of the battle of success, but with so much to know today this also gets harder and requires an organized system.

  • Top Ten Tips On Hiring A Senior Executive
  • Top Ten Hiring Tips
  • The 16 Best Interview Questions Ever

  • The Most Common Hiring Mistake Made Today
  • Job Scope In Early-Stage Companies
  • Getting The Most Value From Consultants

Early Stage Company Development
L essons learned from 8 startups over 22 years, 4 startups as CEO over 15 years plus as a Director/VP for 5+ years.

  • How Do You Grow a Company To $100 Million?
  • The Perfect Startup Model - A Metaphor For Success
  • Top Ten Rules For Startup Success
  • Startup Versus Big Company
  • 16 Deadly Sins of Startups
  • CEO's Role in Early-Stage Companies
  • Start-Up Mistakes and War Stories
  • Twelve Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success
  • Risk Assessment Landscape Map

Marketing & Positioning
Marketing has changed! Differentiation and niche marketing are required, not optional today. Everyone is deluged with ads and has no time, either as a consumer or as a business person. Media fragmentation and the demise of mass marketing require different strategies.

  • The Messaging And Marketing Communications Pyramid
  • Market Entry Strategy & Positioning
  • Marketing/Branding
  • "Marketing" A Waste of Money or The Most Important Thing You Can Do?
  • Competitive Landscape Maps
  • Risk Assessment Landscape Map


  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Designing a Business Model For Long Term Competitive Advantage
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Planning A New Venture?

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