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The Secrets Of A Serial EntrepreneurTM Series

This Book Series Is Designed To Help Startups and Entrepreneurs Increase Their Chances of Success Dramatically By Using Proprietary Tools and Systems Developed By Mr. Norton Over The Last 15 Years.  Many of these books address issues most entrepreneurs struggle with while starting a new business for a long, long time.  Bob has taught them again and again at a cost of hundreds of dollars per hour in one-on-one consulting and also at his CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp.

These books were all written by Bob Norton, a serial entrepreneur, who has 23 years business experience and over 15 years experience as a CEO.  Mr. Norton is one of the leading authorities in the U.S. on entrepreneurship and growing businesses rapidly.

These books are targeted at particular development stages and the problems most early-stage ventures encounter while moving from idea to a substantial company.  The failure rate of startups is extremely high because most founders do not have this knowledge.  It is our hope we will help many, many companies prosper that otherwise might not survive by providing information and experience available nowhere else. The four ebooks can be downloaded  immediately and you can put the ideas and systems into action by very quickly.  Unlike hardcover books, that need to be a certain size to justify the printing, distribution and retail markups, these books will not have lots of redundant information, essentially showcasing the same basic ideas five different ways. They are packed with unique content (average 100 pages) that comes from the experience of a real serial entrepreneur, not just an author.

The philosophies and systems used in each are compatible so that, as a set, they create a framework for founding any business and growing it more rapidly.

The steps to starting a successful company are: Design, Launch, Hire, and Manage. Usually in that order. Each book should ideally be read in order to maximum the benefit and your success.

Some key chapters and concepts are repeated in some of the books. The combination book has all these redundancies removed. So if you plan to read the entire series it is best to buy the entire "Startup Manual" below, as it has one copy of everything plus bonus material.


 Designing a Startup For Rapid Growth
(122 pages 8.5" X 11")

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Roadmap To Launching A Startup Company
(127pages - 8.5" X 11")
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Secrets To Hiring
The Best People
(61 pages - 8.5" X 11")
Only $34.00
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Managing An Early-Stage Business for Rapid Growth
(102 pages - 8.5" X 11")
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Design + Launch + Hire + Manage + Bonus Tools CD

This manual contains all four of the above books and more bonus material!   Hundreds of secrets available nowhere else. This is a thick (5.5 pound) manual filled with  valuable "How To" content from someone who has "done it" before. You could spend many thousands of dollars in consulting fees to get this same information.

This manual will take you right from initial idea to a significant company.  It will be a reference manual you will keep near your desk for the rest of your career.  You will learn how to design, launch, hire and manage for rapid growth from a top authority on entrepreneurship who has made over $1 billion for investors in his companies, hired hundreds of people and launched dozens of products.

BONUS: (A $179 Value Alone) This package also includes our "Art and Science of Business DesignTM " CD-ROM with some of our proprietary business design tools that we teach at our CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp with instructions on using them.  Many are also discussed in the books, so you can print them for your personal use anytime.

"The Startup Manual" with this entire book series is priced for introduction at only $139.00 + S & H.   This is over 30% off when you buy all four books, plus you get the BONUS CD and another free ebook. This book is delivered in a binder by mail, not electronically. You will get free updates to this book for six months electronically, and can submit one question to Bob by email, which he will answer and may add to future books (without your name or details).

This might be the best investment you ever make if you study it and use it to launch and grow your business.  We guarantee that if you study and use this information it will drastically improve your business. Good Luck!

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Secrets of Raising Angel Financing: How to Prepare Your Company for Angel Financing in Virtually Every Area

Bootstrapping - Building a Business Without Capital (The Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur Series, Creating the most value without outside capital)


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Mr. Norton has participated in launching eight startup companies, grown two to over $100 million in sales and also worked for two multi-billion dollar corporations. His experience includes all size companies  and in many industries. He specializes in developing visions for young companies for competitive advantage and rapid growth.

Few authors understand the drastic differences in management styles, and other methodologies, that must be used through the five stages of a company's development from startup to mature company like Mr. Norton. Even fewer authors can claim to have "done it" by working at companies in every stage of development.

Mr. Norton has appeared on CNBC, Good Morning America and many other regional and national media and provides advice and mentoring to entrepreneurs and CEOs through 1:1 consulting, speaking, writing and seminars.

He frequently speaks at corporations, associations and universities including MIT, Boston University and Babson on startups, business, entrepreneurship  and other topics.

He has also developed the leading Entrepreneur and CEO Boot Camp which is an intensive training for any CEO who want to move to a world-class performance level.

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