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Startup Manual -THE Handbook For CEOs and Entrepreneurs on Starting and Growing a Small Business Into A Large Business The Startup Manual
Learn time-tested and proven ways to design, launch, hire, and manage your startup for rapid growth.
This 267-page binder and Business Design Tools CD will show you the methods developed over 19 years by a successful CEO and serial entrepreneur that will take you from a raw idea to rapid growth, multimillion-dollar company.

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All the articles listed below have been integrated into "The Startup Manual" with lots of additional content and systems to help grow startups faster and with lowered risk. Click the "Learn More" button above for complete information.

Articles For CEO, Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs

On Starting And Running High Growth Companies
From The "Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur" Series

By Bob Norton, President C-Level Enterprises, Inc. 

(except as noted otherwise)

Executive Management and Organizational Development:

  1. The 11 Required Elements of a Successful Vision - What is a "Vision" and How to Develop and Use It
  2. Modes of Management - Shifting Management Gears As Your Company's Stage of Development Evolves
  3. The Risk Assessment Landscape Map - A Framework For Viewing and Managing Business Risk
  4. Management Methods That Work - An Effective Model For Building Your Organization Without Limits
  5. A Simple Framework For Employee Development
  6. Customer Service is Dead or Dying - Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Designing Your Business, Vision, Product and Market Positioning:

  1. The Messaging And Communications Pyramid - A Simple and Powerful Marketing Overview Model
  2. Market Entry Strategy & Positioning and Using Competitive Landscape Maps
  3. What is a "Vision" and How to Develop and Use It - The 11 Required Elements of a Successful Vision
  4. "Marketing" A Waste of Money Or The Most Important Thing You Can Do?
  5. Getting 10X Productivity in Product Development
  6. When Do You Need a New Vision or a Vision Tune-up?
  7. Principals of Risk Management
  8. The Risk Assessment Landscape Map - A Framework For Viewing and Managing Business Risk

For Board Members, CEOs and Senior Executives Wishing To Become CEOs:

  1. 68 CEO Responsibilities - Source unknown
  2. The True Cost of a CEO - Current CEO Compensation Averages
  3. CEO's Role in Early-Stage Companies
  4. Ten Questions Every Board Member And Executive Candidate Should Ask - From Fortune Magazine
  5. Top Ten Tips On Hiring A Senior Executive
  6. Getting Value From Consultants

Managing Startups & Early-Stage Companies:

  1. Top 10 Rules For Startup Success
  2. The Perfect Startup Model - A Metaphor for Success
  3. Startup Versus Big Company - A Comparison of Operations Modes
  4. Eighty Percent Solutions - Why 100% Solutions Can Mean Certain Death For Early Stage Companies
  5. Common Startup Mistakes - A Series on Avoidable Errors That Have Killed Companies
    A. Controlling Your Money and Resources
    B. Understanding Capital Expenditures and Their Real Cost
  6. Big Company Disease - And the Top Ten Signs A Company Has It
  7. Hiring and Job Scope in Early Stage Companies
  8. Twelve Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success
  9. 16 Deadly Sin Committed By Startups (reprinted from The Red Herring)


  1. Top Ten Tips For Raising Angel Financing
  2. Landscape Map of Financing Environment Today - Angel vs. VC
  3. Fixing Venture Capital - From Joel on Software site

Human Capital and Hiring The Best:

  1. Top Ten Hiring Tips (For All Employees)
  2. Top Ten Tips On Hiring A Senior Executive
  3. Thoughts Using Interim Management
  4. Getting Value From Consultants
  5. The Most Common Hiring Mistake Made Today
  6. Top 10 Reasons Why An Executive Hires A Coach
  7. Job Scope In Early-Stage Companies
  8. Advice From a Nobel Prize Winner on Human Capital Management
  9. The Disney Approach to Human Capital

Miscellaneous Other Articles:

  1. Redefining the Business-Owner/Professional Relationship: Moving From Dependency to Collaboration by Harvy Simkovits and Paul Faxon
  2. Code of Ethics of C-Level Enterprises and the Institute of Management Consultants
  3. Due Diligence Checklist

Make Your Business Grow Faster With Less Risk

These articles are some sample chapters from our books in "The Secrets of A Serial Entrepreneur" Series. To see the list of books, audio programs and DVDs click here now.