The Startup Manual And Business Design Tools Cd: You Only Get One Chance to Start Your Company (Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur) 1st Edition

"If you are going in the wrong direction, more speed won't help."

"If the idea at first is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." 
 - Albert Einstein


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"Having been there and done that you know exactly what needs to be done to grow a company and that is a powerful message."

-- John Facella, Chairman & Founder The CEO Place and Serial CEO for many years.

"If I had six hours to chop down a tree I'd spend the first four sharpening the axe."
-- Abraham Lincoln

The Art and Science of
Business Design

The lack of a good business design process is the �number one� reason why most businesses fail today.  Almost everything else, like running out of capital, "unexpected" risks and poor sales, is just a symptom of this root problem.

Why Business Design Must ALWAYS Be The #1 Priority of Any New Venture?

Designing a business is more art than science because it is something that takes lots and lots of real-world experience.  Personally I do not think you can learn it at any university, or by any amount of study, until after you have spent many years working in management to understand people and business well.  It would be like someone reading for ten years about painting, without ever picking up a brush, and then when they finally pick up a paintbrush to paint their first person or landscape; and expect to paint a masterpiece.  Pretty unlikely huh?  We may be able to teach "strategy" in school, but even that is just a small part of  overall business design.


I suspect most people do not even consider business design a process because few people get to the point in their career where they can understand all the skills or disciplines needed to actually do it.  Business design is NOT just a flash of inspiration, or how you will charge and make money.  It is the complete strategy  for sales, marketing, finance, operations and product development, which are tightly interconnected, and must all work together, smoothly to create any real value for customers and stakeholders.  As Edison once said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".  Nothing could be truer about the business design process. 


We spend at least the entire first day at our, CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp - The Art and Science of Business DesignTM teaching these first four steps of the Rapid Growth By DesignTM process, so I don't want to pretend you can "get it" all from reading the few pages here.  This is at least an entire large book by itself; however, what I can do here is summarize the first four steps at a very high level.  My hope is that reading this can open people's eyes to the fact that business design is its own process, art and science and must be done very early when founding any new business.  Doing anything else first, except market research, is almost always a complete waste of time and money. 

Many executives seem to think of business design as coming up with a "business model", but this is only a small fraction of a complete business design.  A complete business design must include far more, including a complete strategy for each discipline needed to run the business.  Without all these areas working together there isn't any business.


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